Edith Jose


Issue: 2019-09-04, PHOTO: courtesy of Rolf Hougen

What do Jack London, Martha Black, Pierre Berton and Ted Harrison have in common? They’ve all been commissioned by Rolf Hougen to be sculpted by Harreson Tanner to populate Whitehorse’s Main Street. This summer, Edith Josie will join them. Read more

Yukon History

Jerome went up river to cut wood and Albert say he’s doing good. Stephen went to Whitehorse for dog race and I heard he came in first place. The weather is really cool Read more

Old Crow

She only went to Grade 4, but she didn't need more. 'Cause she used verb and noun, and she wrote about our town. When Edith writes her paragraph, Read more

Old Crow

For the sixth year, Northern film buffs will have the chance to "reconnect with the world and immerse themselves in great film". Andrew Connors, the director of the annual Available Light Film Festival, is satisfied he and his volunteers have found Read more

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