Elizabeth Kaye


Issue: 2015-04-23 PHOTO: courtesy Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation

The sun is back and the days are warmer, except in the late evenings. People of Old Crow used to be excited about going to Crow Flat. People used to leave after Easter Monday. Preparations were done, with essentials packed to trap muskrats and... Read more

Old Crow

Sitting at a fish hole in the dark on the Porcupine River, in the Yukon at Old Crow in the fall, is not unusual. Excitement stirs when the ice begins to freeze on the Porcupine River. My friends and I begin to prepare ice augers, fishing lines, Read more

Old Crow

Many times my husband, Joseph, and another person would cut firewood for home. When the river water comes up, a raft is quickly made, and slowly driven. The boat goes down to Old Crow. Read more

Old Crow

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September 4, 2014

My son Edward Kyikavichick is handicapped. Since birth, he lived in Whitehorse in a foster home for many years. This allowed us, his parents, to live and practice their traditional lifestyle in Old Crow. Since the elderly couple Lynn and Roy Smith, Read more

Old Crow

Caribou meat drying in Elizabeths home.jpeg

June 2014

As an Elder, I learned from my past Elders; as a Gwitchin, I live along with the season. Porcupine Caribou is our main source of food Read more

Old Crow

Elizabeth Kayes's moccasins

Photo by Robert Postma

As a Gwich’in child I lived a nomadic lifestyle in the Northwest Territories since a child. My parents were elderly, truly living with the season. The only life they know which naturally were passed on. Read more

Old Crow