Erma Odrach


Issue: 2015-05-07 PHOTO:

When they finally arrived in Whitehorse the sun had long since gone down and it was almost pitchblack. The moon and stars became lost behind the clouded sky and it started to snow. Claude said as he pulled into Marcel’s driveway, ... more

May 07, 2015 midnight Literature


Issue: 2015-04-30 PHOTO:

As they approached Faro, the dismal little houses with their grey rooftops and tiny square windows gradually came into view. Smoke billowed out of their chimneys and formed a thin veil across the darkening sky. more

Apr. 30, 2015 midnight Literature

Claude was in good humour, and punching Marcel playfully in the arm, said to him, “Hey, Marcel, if you want to try out my rifle, go right ahead; you know, for old time’s sake.” As it happened, Marcel had always been an excellent hunter more

Feb. 26, 2015 midnight Literature

Claude, Jacques and Marcel just finished their shifts at the copper mine outside of Whitehorse and decided to go for a beer in town. They couldn’t agree on which bar to go to, so they drew straws and ended up at the Edgewater. more

Jan. 29, 2015 midnight Literature