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Issue: 2015-03-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Rendez-vous de la Francaphonie

You can keep your fishnets and feathers stored for this Rendez-vous. But you don’t have to. If you can't help but whip them out for an encore, who is to judge? Les Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie is a two-week celebration of the French language Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

There are currently two mammoths at the Yukon Arts Centre. But they don't interact; they are on different schedules. The one hanging out in the Public Art Gallery belongs to the Ice Age Mammals exhibit. The other mammoth — the one of current interest Read more

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Onde de choc

Alistair Maitland Yukon News/Alistair Maitland

"There aren't many opportunities for francophone artists to try more experimental performances in our regular community shows; that's how we came up with the concept of Onde de choc," says Virginie Hamel Read more

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July 10 Issue

You know who they are when you see them; they walk around festival grounds with dozens of colourful buttons pinned to them, smiles on their faces, pen and paper in hands, ready to turn your beer-tent-small-talk into a debate about sexualized assault. Read more

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June 12 Issue

“I am obsessed by creating community connections through art, it’s kind of a disease,” confesses Yukon visual artist Marie-Hélène Comeau. Read more

Yukon Arts

Actually, Soir de Semaine started as a road trip. Pascal St-Laurent and Marie-Maude Allard moved to the Yukon just a few days apart in 2003. They hopped in a van to wander further north to Alaska, with an accordion and a guitar tagging along. Read more

Yukon Music

If your taste buds long for something new and your eyes are looking for something as pretty as it is tasty, you need to find Karina Lapointe. This local chef graduated from two different professional culinary schools in Québec but her training start Read more

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Following the success of the first Cabaret Théâtres, heldin March of this year, this week the Association Théâtre Art'lequin (ATA) presents Le Facteur Pleine Lune, playing for two nights at the community hall of the Centre de la Francophonie. Read more

Yukon Culture

The Gala of Emerging Francophone Musicians and the Francophone Performing Arts Fair, Chant'Ouest and Contact Ouest, are coming to the Yukon. The events are presented by the Réseau des grands espaces, which represents western Canadian francophone per Read more

Yukon Culture

The man behind the Association Théâtre Art-Lequin is bringing his final theatrical venture to Whitehorse audiences this week. Pierre Gauthier and his team have made a number of projects happen in Yukon's tiny francophone theatre scene. Read more

Yukon Culture

It's been awhile since we have seen a French variety show in Whitehorse. Robert Gagnon, initiator of the project and director of the show, is well-known in the community as an actor, board member and director of many Art-Lequin Theatre productions. Read more

Yukon Culture

Do you know the francophone vocal ensemble, Les-Ceusses-qui-ont-du-fun-quand-y-chantent (literally, those who have fun when they sing) ? They are Jean-Marc Bélanger, Hélène Beaulieu, Claude Gosselin and Danielle Bonneau. On the release of the group Read more

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Genticorum, a traditional band from Québec, will perform on November 2 in the community hall at the Centre de la francophonie on Strickland Street. Read more

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