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Joan Norberg

Frost To Frost columnist Joan Norberg run Grizzly Valley Farms on the Mayo Road.  Her and her husband Alan can often be found at the Yukon Fireweed Market on Thursdays

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Issue: 2016-04-07, PHOTO: Joan Norberg

“The more things change the more they stay the same” and “The only constant in life is change” are both very cliche and very true. In some sense farming and gardening means things are staying the same. We usually use the same plot of land and... Read more

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Issue: 2015-10-22 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

Over the past few years the gardens have been producing more and more vegetables. So, come fall we start to look for places to store the root crops for the winter. Our main root crops are potatoes and carrots, which need a dark, cool space with a... Read more

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Issue: 2015-06-18 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

“Could we plant some flowers in our garden, next year?” This is what Allan asked me 25 years ago after we had harvested our first garden together. I hadn’t realized anything had been missing from our yard. We had an average vegetable garden on the... Read more

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Issue: 2015-05-21 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

Recently we went down south for a family visit. At the time it was still very much winter here in the Yukon. Down there the snow was melting, there were puddles everywhere and it felt like spring. Read more

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Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

Schwartz has been our only dog for the past few years. For the most part he seems to be okay, although he does enjoy playing with other dogs when he gets the chance. But being the only dog can be lonely for an animal that would normally belong to... Read more

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Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO:

If you ate today, thank a farmer. If you know where your food comes from, thank them even more. Knowing where your food comes from can be a challenge, especially in the North. Why should a person support a local farmer when the food they sell... Read more

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Issue: 2015-02-26 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

Anything can happen in February, weather-wise. It can be -30°C one day and 5°C a few days later. The sun can be very warm and the spring starts diminishing the snow and icing-up the roads. January is a month of hibernation and rest. Read more

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In the 1970s farmers in the United States were told to “get big or get out” as a way to promote larger, corporately owned farms. Read more

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The phrase “food security” is becoming common, and it can be interpreted in several different ways. Read more

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One of a gardener’s goals at the end of summer is to preserve the food harvested. Read more

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Death is a part of life, without death no one could live. Even vegetarians’ diets put an end to life. By eating a carrot, for example, there is no way for the veggie to naturally finishing its lifecycle, and produce seeds. Read more

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Working outside is a given when gardening. Planting, weeding, and harvesting all are labour-intensive jobs, which are done manually on our farm. Most of the time, working in the garden it is just that, work; it is very easy to focus on the job that Read more

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Seed saving is a time-honored way of keeping certain plant traits growing. It used to be a common practice among gardeners. Read more

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August 28, 2014

Living in the Yukon, people want to enjoy summer to the fullest, “summer” being those 14 to 21 days randomly sprinkled across June, July, and August. Gardeners are no different.The perception of many is that a long, hot summer brings an abundance of Read more

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July 24, 2014 Issue#388

One of the biggest animal raising expenses in the Yukon is feed. So I am always on the look out for crops we can grow that will meet the nutritional needs of the animals. When I find something that might work I give it a try in the garden... Read more

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July 10 Issue

June is a quiet month on the farm. The gardens are nearly fully planted, and soon to have weeds, although the transplanting of perennials is sometimes still happening. Time is all the gardens need right now, along with sunshine and rain... Read more

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June 12

In spring, while we wait for the snow to melt, we check on the chives to see if there will be enough for a taste. Once the snow is gone we keep an eye on the rhubarb. This year I was also watching for asparagus to return... Read more

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June 5 Frost to Frost

Photo by Joan Norberg

Early in the spring, Swan Haven offers Yukoners a place to watch swans and other water birds as they stop to rest on their long migration north. Shortly thereafter we see small groups of swans flying past our farm, trumpeting as they go. Our geese... Read more

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Frost To Frost: Spring Planting May15,2014

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It’s planting time and one of the last things we plant are potatoes. We put in all of our cold crops first because if there is a late frost the seeds of these plants and even the seedlings are able to deal with the cold stress better than a potato... Read more

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Frost To Frost May 1

Photo courtesy of Joan Norberg

Spring... there is nothing quite like it. Living here in the North, we generally have a long winter followed by a long spring. It seems to take forever to finish melting the snow and warming up the ground. To help keep us going, the pussy willows... Read more

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