Gallery 22

Masamichi Nakatsuka has a painting, a watercolour on paper called "Passion", that he completed in one sitting. The painting is of a skull with paint dripping down its side. Nakatsuka, who goes by Michi, says he couldn't stop working until it was more

Nov. 27, 2014 midnight Yukon Arts

The featured artists are Gabriele Watts, Glenda Mosher, Kathy Piwowar, and Edwige Graham and their work falls into two main styles. Watts and Mosher use acrylic paint in a realistic, representational way, while Piwowar and Graham are inspired by more

Nov. 08, 2012 midnight Yukon Arts

The strength of Beyond the Outhouse, a show of acrylic paintings by Kelsey Elaisson at Gallery 22, lies in its irreverent but unabashed embrace of very familiar northern images. The vigour and commitment of his painting style carries them off. more

Sep. 06, 2012 midnight Yukon Arts

Jenna Walchuk has a story to tell. Years ago, she was an addict. She's been clean for many years, yet the need to go back to the emotions she remembers from that "time of such intellectual darkness" ... more

Jun. 07, 2012 midnight Yukon Arts

Leslie Leong moves like a hummingbird around Gallery 22. It is the opening night of her exhibit, SHIFT, and she is adjusting art, giving directions, answering questions - focused on the puzzle pieces that must come together just before a more

Nov. 24, 2011 midnight Yukon Arts

Rusty Redbrun (Paul Baker), Burny Hüle (Ken Anderson) and Ptina Green (Jeanine Baker) aim to have 20 works for their collaborative show opening next week at Gallery 22 in downtown Whitehorse. more

Sep. 01, 2011 midnight Yukon Arts

Accessible by a narrow, graffiti-covered staircase - and with a tattoo studio just off the display area - Gallery 22 is a small, one-room space with an artsy, underground vibe. It's an eccentric showroom for both established and emerging local artist more

Jun. 23, 2011 midnight Yukon Arts

Sandra Grace Storey's show, small changes, grows out of a love of clay and myth.All but one of the pieces mount on the wall. The clear white gallery walls give them the context to leap or stand with strong presence.Storey's faces and animals have more

Sep. 30, 2010 midnight Yukon Arts

The Terra Firma Art Company on Third Avenue in Whitehorse bills itself as your "promotional product company".They put images, logos and text onto products, mainly garments, helping businesses and teams brand themselves. Men of Terra Firma showcases more

Jun. 10, 2010 midnight Yukon Arts

Gallery 22 takes wing with its first solo show. Dan Bushnell's ravens fly through areas of layered colour or urban environments across the gallery's white walls above Triple J's Music shop. more

Apr. 29, 2010 midnight Yukon Arts

There's a gorgeous new gallery in town. You climb the stairs at the back of Triple J's Music's new location, past a potter's wheel, past walls lovingly embellished with graffiti, past a purple bicycle with a purple-patterned velvet banana seat. more

Apr. 08, 2010 midnight Yukon Local Business