Gay Marriage

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Issue: 2015-06-25 PHOTO: Heather Jones, HPJ Photography

Stephanie Hammond won’t be dancing on the truck leading the annual Pride parade in downtown Whitehorse this weekend, as she has in previous years. Instead, she quips, she’ll be busy co-ordinating “dozens and dozens of floats” that are expected to ... Read more

Yukon People

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July 3-2014

On July 17, 2014 Stephen and Rob Dunbar-Edge will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. This event, a milestone for any couple, is especially significant for them: it commemorates a battle, hard won. Read more

Yukon People

I received feedback recently on an article I wrote about lesbian breakups. I knew that it was going to touch some nerves ... and it did. Gay marriage is very new and it was a hard-fought battle to gain that right. By criticizing lesbian relationship Read more

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