Genesee Keevil

So, with its new CD, A Chilling End to a High School Romance, being released at Foxy's Cabaret Friday, Aug. 6, the question is asked: Does the digital package have a synergy with the band's live performance? Read more

Yukon Music

Polar bears, narwhal, wolves and sasquatches? Canada's Northern House, a premier showcase of all things Yukon and Northern at the Olympics, could not miss a chance to show off a little rockabilly jump-jive to a packed house. Read more

Yukon Arts

The bearded man shrugged on his Carhartt jacket and then levelled a gaze at Genesee Keevil. She was sitting by the window, wearing a cover-your-eyes bright-pink wig, and her slightly too-loud voice only added to the spectacle. Read more

Yukon Music