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Issue: 2018-12-12, PHOTO: Yukon Wildlife Preserve/Lindsay Caskenette

If you’re anything like me, you look forward to the holidays all year long. But then comes the inevitable, nagging sense of guilt it brings when you take a moment to think about the cost. There is the expense of your time as you run around looking... Read more

Yukon Christmas

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Issue: 2018-07-18, PHOTO: Mitsue Ozeki

Have you ever wondered what a three-year-old boy would want for his birthday? Recently, I found myself paralyzed in the toy section of a local store. I don’t have any grandchildren, but I do serve as a “pseudo-grandmother” to many of my younger... Read more

Yukon Families

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Issue: 2017-12-06, PHOTO: Judy Matechuk

The Yukon Craft Society is holding its second annual Spruce Bog Boutique in the Westmark Whitehorse Hotel from December 7 to 20. While there are a great many craft sales throughout Whitehorse this time of year, there was a definite interest, from... Read more

Yukon Christmas


Issue: 2017-12-06, PHOTO: Darren Holcombe

Do you miss browsing a variety of vendors and their wares at the summer Fireweed Community Market at your convenience? Well, fear not. Vendors and their crafting friends are gathering for The 12 Days of Christmas Market this December... Read more

Yukon Christmas

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Issue: 2016-11-30, PHOTO: Meagan Deuling

One of the philosophical pillars of the Learning Tree Daycare is to teach the kids there about helping other people. “Teaching kindness and all of that stuff, it all feeds into what we want the kids to be learning,” says Christine Greff, who... Read more

Family and Health


Issue: 2016-11-16, PHOTO: Erin Peacock

An internet search will show that the hottest baby gifts of 2016 include a light-up singing turtle, organic cotton mittens and an infant sized pair of UGGs. But the hottest gift for Dawson City babies is a handmade quilt. It’s been the most... Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2016-02-04, PHOTO: Nellie Dale

Mark your calendar: Feb. 11, between 6 and 9 p.m. is the All Ages Valentine Craft Night. This free public event is sponsored by YuKonstruct, located at 135 Industrial Road. Nominally priced kits for the special Valentine craft are available; step... Read more


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Issue: 2015-12-17, PHOTO: Courtesy of Yukonstruct

As we enter the holiday season where advertising, social media, and storefronts are shouting at us about all the things there are to buy, one might wonder whether all this shopping will lead to anyone’s happiness. Researchers out of Cornell... Read more

Yukon Christmas

I can't believe I am writing my last wine column of the year! This is a time when I reflect on what I have experienced in the year, and what I hope for for the next one. I have seen the departure of friends, the meeting of new ones, changes in my... Read more


As Christmas approaches I am frequently asked, "What do you get for that special someone at Christmas who is interested in astronomy without spending a small fortune?" For the beginner, I recommend the classic 10x50 binoculars and a subscription... Read more

Yukon Christmas


Issue: 2010-12-16

With Christmas soon arriving I am usually bombarded with emails enquiring, what is the best gift this season for a budding Yukon amateur astronomer? Read more

Yukon Christmas

As we are invited to holiday gatherings at friends' homes and begin to realize that our runway for shopping for gifts is rapidly running out, I had a few suggestions for the wine lovers on your list. At this season, we are often dashing in to the... Read more


As the Christmas and holiday season roll around, several friends have asked me for gift suggestions for the wine enthusiasts on their gift list. Without knowing the wine tastes of their enthusiast friends, I am hesitant to suggest a particular... Read more


With harvest in full swing, I am often asked for suggested uses of herbs other than drying or freezing. To enjoy your herbal harvest year-round, I like to keep a selection of herbal vinegars on hand. To make herbal vinegar, gather herbs early in... Read more

Farm - Garden

A few years ago I received a delightful gift consisting of an assortment of home-grown, home-dried tomato and pepper seeds. What a delightful gift, I thought, and with Christmas only around four months away, now is the time to try saving seeds... Read more

Farm - Garden


Issue: 2009-02-12

The snow is flying, the sky is full of clouds and apparently this is the way it is to be for a while. What is a budding young Yukon amateur astronomer to do? This is a time to re-grease your telescope with winter grease and double check all your... Read more

Yukon Christmas

Sometimes, finding that special gift for someone who is a wine lover seems like a daunting challenge, so I'd like to devote this article to some suggestions for Christmas gift ideas. First of all, though it's a nice thought, don't feel obliged to... Read more