Graeme Peters

Graeme Peters

Graeme Peters the lead member of the Yukon's rock band Speed Control.  His background includes 15 years of training in classical piano, attending the University of Toronto's prestigious Jazz Program as well as playing in many different countries with various bands.  He's co-written and produced a rock-opera with Barry 'Jack' Jenkins for the Nakai Pivot festival as well as producing and co-writing 2 (almost 3) full length albums for Speed Control.  Graeme is a fast paced, high energy guy who lives for Bacon, Music, and RAWK!!

SPEED CONTROL, a hard-hitting rock trio, some compare to Nirvana, and even early Police. Quoted as being “Parka Punk” by Stuart Derdeyn of the BC Province.

Speed Control is not only a hard-hitting rock trio. They have dedicated themselves to furthering music education and bringing music back into kids’ lives which has led to a full endorsement by Yamaha Music. In the summer, between club and festival shows, Speed Control teaches “RAWK Camps” which are partnered with Yamaha Canada, giving the kids brand new instruments to play, and equipment to run the camps. This allows Speed Control to visit many remote communities.

Bio taken from the Young Authors Conference writer profiles


What's Up Yukon September 23 issue