Grizzly Bear


Issue: 2017-06-28, PHOTO: Pixabay

Just two weeks ago – and many times over the past – I’ve heard people say they saw a grizzly bear along the road or out in the wilderness. In many cases I have asked why they were sure it was a grizzly bear and all too often the only reason is... Read more

Yukon Wildlife

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Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: Lori Garrison

“You just take a cup full of piss,” he says, “And then you throw it up high – like, splash it around on your roof, up in the trees, as high up as you can get it. Then, when the bear comes by, he'll smell it way, way up and be like 'holy crap, that... Read more

Yukon Summer

This is a story from many years ago, about the day I was followed by four bears - a close-call bear encounter kind of story. I was on a solstice hike up Kelvin Mountain with Allison Morham and Jane Vincent. Jane and I see each other regularly, but... Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Article # 3 photo Carter  004 Second Yukon Contingent June 08 1916 - Copy.jpg

Issue: 2016-04-21, PHOTO: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives81/107 f. # 5

Jim Christie was born in Scotland in 1867. He emigrated to Manitoba and then came to the Klondike in 1898. The short, wiry Scotsman took to living in the north Read more

Yukon History


Issue: 2015-11-19 PHOTO: Richard Brochet

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to Read more

Living With Wildlife

Aug13 Gentle Grizzly - Soapberry.jpg

Issue: 2015-08-20 PHOTO: Winnifred Peterson

In the summer of 2002, a friend and I were travelling back from Haines, Alaska to Whitehorse. A few miles before Haines Junction we noticed several cars stopped on the highway. I thought there must be an animal by the road that had attracted ... Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing


June 2014

We noticed a grizzly sitting on the beach when we were out on Kluane Lake in our small zodiac. The bear was far from Congden Creek campground, where we were camping at the time. Read more

Living With Wildlife

A number of Alaskan towns have resident bear populations, as anyone who has had to temporarily delay casting in Haines will tell you. Once the grizzly family has passed, fishing continues as usual – pretty neat when you think about it. Read more

Yukon Wildlife

That furry, satisfied hunter you see on the front of this week's What's Up Yukon is the most northerly cover image we've ever used. It's also a celebration of the wildness that surrounds us, and an image of a place in the Yukon where sensitive habit Read more

Yukon Wildlife