Herbs And Spices


Issue: 2019-03-06, PHOTO: Sydney Keddy

Meatballs are the perfect weeknight food, especially when they only use one pan and you roast them on top of some vegetables to make a whole meal in one go. This version has some vaguely middle-eastern spices... Read more


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Issue: 2018-05-30, PHOTO: Cathie Archbould

When Beverley Gray started her business, over 20 years ago, it began with filling a need for her own family. She was always looking for quality natural remedies for her two small kids, but found there just weren’t many around. Living in the bush... Read more

Yukon Local Business


Issue: 2016-12-21, PHOTO: by Selene Vakharia

It’s that time of year again. With the constant darkness and the cold, many of us are feeling – and looking – a little tired. Personally, I blame the fact that I’m pretty sure outside the hours of 10 to three it is straight-up midnight all the time. Read more

Health and Wellness


Issue: 2016-10-12, PHOTO: by Sydney Oland

These little potato dumplings seem labour intensive, but they’re worth the effort and can be a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. But if you’re looking to make this dish ahead you can absolutely make and assemble everything a day before and... Read more


Issue: 2016-06-30, PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

Feeling like a gassy, nauseous, not-quite-your-awesome-self mess? It happens to all of us at one point or another. Perhaps you overate - indulged in some food or the other - or caught a bug that’s making your life miserable. Keep your kitchen, ... Read more

Health and Wellness

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Issue: 2016-04-07, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

Kinnikinnick’s Latin name, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, comes from arctos and ursi meaning bear and staphylos and uva meaning bunch of grapes. Amazing: the taste of those little grapes! I just tried something I had never tried before, but had read... Read more

Wild Harvest


Issue: 2016-03-03, PHOTO:

It’s easy to distinguish what the latest food trends are when you see the latest creative potato chip flavours. I realize this sounds a little crazy, but let me explain. A recent trip to Superstore had me eyeing up the 60-cent bags of President’s... Read more


Issue: 2015-12-03 PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

Named one the hottest food trends of 2015 by Canada’s Hospitality Business Magazine, Canadians are drinking almost 10 billion cups of tea each year. Second only to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, and with good reason. Read more



Issue: 2015-03-19 PHOTO: Kim Melton

Seasonal eaters, whether they are gardeners, foragers, or locavores reading the labels at the grocery store, know that the lean time of year isn't during the dead of winter. Then, storerooms are still stocked with plump sacks of potatoes resting... Read more

Wild Harvest


Issue: 2015-02-19 PHOTO: Kim Melton

Right on schedule, my sprout craving has arisen from where it lay quietly dormant since the fall, nestled snug beneath the desire for stews and roasted root vegetables. The herbs I've kept in the house are responding to the same cues Read more

Just like people, plants thrive when in the right company. Camaraderie in the garden is something one might not necessarily think of, however the benefits of putting plants together in the right relationship is quite notable and interesting... Read more

Farm - Garden

Whenever the beginning of August rolls around, I think more of harvesting the fruits of my gardening than the actual gardening. And harvesting has been the in progress for a couple of weeks already. The Swiss Chard has been cut and has re-grown... Read more

Farm - Garden

With harvest in full swing, I am often asked for suggested uses of herbs other than drying or freezing. To enjoy your herbal harvest year-round, I like to keep a selection of herbal vinegars on hand. To make herbal vinegar, gather herbs early in... Read more

Farm - Garden

Approaching the last six to eight weeks of our active growing season, it's time to take a critical look at your greenhouse and assess which crops need a little extra maintenance to help them along. For example, I just came back from a two-week sea... Read more

Farm - Garden

The Seniors Association, up on College Drive, not only has a fabulous greenhouse going, they have a complete gardening management system all set up and the project has plans to expand. Not only is there the wonderful, productive greenhouse I wrote... Read more

Farm - Garden

One of the delights of consulting and promoting gardening is that once in a while you stumble into on oasis that you did not know existed in Whitehorse. I was asked by our editor to check out what "The Seniors" up by Yukon College were doing, and... Read more

Farm - Garden

If you have just one little empty spot in your greenhouse, I would consider planting just one or two peppermint plants. Peppermint does grow outdoors, this is true, but it grows profusely in the greenhouse. I learned this by accident as for years... Read more

Farm - Garden

One of the delights of owning a hobby greenhouse is that that there are many varieties of plants that can be grown in its warm, humid climate. Often we tend to think of growing mostly tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and that certainly was the case... Read more

Farm - Garden

Edible-plant gardening is a doubly exciting venture. We all know that food tastes best when it can be consumed soon after harvest. By growing edible plants in your windowsill, you take advantage of the fresh harvest at your finger tips. Read more

Farm - Garden

One of the more interesting characteristics of plants is that plants are affected chemically by the aroma from leaves, roots and by soil micro-organisms. Knowing which plants like each other and which don't, and planting these together, is what... Read more

Farm - Garden