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I was home one night seated at my table, Not in the mood for internet and I have no cable. So I started to read last week’s paper mail. I leave it late to go through, most times without fail. Read more

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Issue: 2015-03-12 PHOTO: Darrell Hookey

I like blank, plain walls in the kitchen. Uncluttered and simple. If the paint is the same colour as every other wall in the house, even better. We have a very nice kitchen, but those walls are just a glaring bore. Read more

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I recently found myself on my knees, in front of a toilet in Home Hardware, being taught how to install a toilet by Megan Fuller, plumbing and electrical supervisor. Fuller fell in love with the "Lego aspect" of plumbing and electrical work while... Read more


These days, whenever I drive past Home Hardware, I throw my head back and laugh. You see, I am now a renter. Yup, most of my adult life, I have owned a home (well, the bank and I did) and, so, most of my adult life I have always needed to buy top Read more


It was a very nice sink for the bathroom that would have felt neglected, if a bathroom had feelings at all, after heaps of praise were offered to our spa bathroom in "The Addition". Daisy had been in Home Hardware when she saw the sink ... Read more

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