Ice Climbing

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Issue: 2018-01-31, PHOTO: Chris Gishler

Chris Gishler, owner and operator of Equinox Adventures, has spent the last 15 years building and developing his outdoor adventure and education company as the Yukon has continued to grow. Back in 1999, Gishler arrived to Whitehorse in preparation... Read more

Yukon Local Business

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Photos: Alexander Weber

I have been a rock climber for seven years; I went from being an indoor climbing warrior to outdoors enthusiast. I climb 1500 feet walls; I bushwhack for hours for a single climb and travel to exotic countries to taste the different rock. Read more

Yukon Winter

Ice climbing was destined to be my true love. Twelve years ago a friend introduced me to the sport by taking me on a three-day trip up Mount Hood, east of Portland, Oregon. I returned home to the Yukon, excited about my discovery and talked to anyo Read more

Yukon Winter