Independence Day

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Issue: 2015-07-16 PHOTO: Jason Westover

On July 4 my family headed to Skagway for the Independence Day celebration. Since I was about to write a piece for the WUY Hot Dog Issue, I thought, “What a great way to sample the Americana hot dog culture and stuff myself with delicious mystery... Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

Happy birthday, America. We love you, we really do. In honour of your special day, a bunch of us got together and started talking about what we really like about you. I know you're still a little sensitive about Gitmo, and all that trouble Read more


Canada Day has come and gone. The flag has been praised, the beer has been drunk, and you are swept up in patriotic fervour. You could wait another year to celebrate the birth of a North American democracy, or you could find your way to our Alaskan Read more