Ingrid Wilcox

Ingrid Wilcox

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The Greenhouse Columnist Ingrid Wilcox is the former owner of Lubbock Valley Flowers. She followed her semi-retirement with gardening consulting services.  

The poinsettia, or Christmas Star as it is known throughout Europe, is one of the very few plants that bloom during winter and the holiday season. The poinsettia has a rich and unique history that dates back to the Aztecs. The plant is native to... more

Dec. 23, 2010 midnight Yukon Archives

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Issue: 2015-04-16 PHOTO: Molly MacDonald and Debi Wickham

This past September, I was privileged to attend the seventh annual Circumpolar Agricultural Conference in Alta, Norway. Alta lies just below the 70°N latitude, which makes it a bit farther north than Old Crow. The Circumpolar Agricultural... more

Oct. 14, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Getting your greenhouse ready for winter could be a matter of just closing the door and walking away, something to worry about next spring. But you will be much better prepared for the next gardening season if you spend a few minutes winterizing... more

Sep. 30, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

While the frost nips at our gardens, I've been asked numerous times on the proper way to overwinter geraniums. Of all the outdoor summer blooms, geraniums can probably make the transition most successfully by using one of the two methods I have... more

Sep. 23, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Although this year's gardening season is winding down, next year's season is just beginning. I heard quite a few years ago, that someone was experimenting with planting crops such as carrots and beets in the fall with the expectation that they... more

Sep. 02, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

If you like peas, and many Yukon gardeners must for they can be found in most gardens, you've had lots of company throughout history. Dried peas found at an archeological site near Thailand have been carbon-dated to 9750 BC according to the... more

Aug. 26, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Whenever the beginning of August rolls around, I think more of harvesting the fruits of my gardening than the actual gardening. And harvesting has been the in progress for a couple of weeks already. The Swiss Chard has been cut and has re-grown... more

Aug. 05, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Last week, I spotted a ladybug while visiting a garden in Dawson City. It was rather exciting to see a ladybug that far North and, not being a resident there, I asked whether sighting ladybugs is a frequent occurrence or rather something unusual... more

Jul. 15, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Understanding good greenhouse techniques encourages healthy plant growth and, as the growing season is well on its way, it would be a good time to reassess your plants' performance to see if there are areas which can be tweaked for better results... more

Jul. 08, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

If you are like many people trying to grow tomatoes in pots on the patio, the windy conditions we've been having hasn't helped the growth rate of even the hardiest tomato varieties. Carrying the plants into the confines of a warm house for the... more

Jul. 01, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Now that we are almost at the end of June, I find my plants are growing very fast. I've already harvested the first of my Tumbler tomatoes at the end of May, as well as some of the chili peppers. Regarding peppers and cucumbers, I am harvesting... more

Jun. 24, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Due to some travelling adventures in Latin and South America, I was introduced to chili peppers in the last 10 years or so. Approaching the use of chili peppers cautiously, I did acquire a taste for them, enjoying their legendary heat as they... more

Jun. 17, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

When I think of cucumbers, I think of the idiom "cool as a cucumber" , which may be based on the fact that even in hot weather, the insides of cucumbers remain cooler than the air. Cucumbers, the second most popular greenhouse crop after tomatoes... more

Jun. 10, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

With the hot weather this past Victoria Day weekend, I planted all my vegetable seeds. But my vegetable transplants are still getting the deluxe care treatment, kept in a cold frame or the greenhouse until I'm sure the last of the frost is past... more

Jun. 03, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Did you know that banana peels and eggshells help to make your tomatoes grow? When buried in the bottom of a planter or spread around the roots of your tomato plants as you transplant them into the greenhouse, fresh banana peels act as... more

May 27, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Hey, Yukon! It's gardening time! Time to get that greenhouse ready! If your greenhouse has a supplementary heating system, chances are you've already begun planting, and your greenhouse is up and running. For those people whose greenhouses lack a... more

May 20, 2010 midnight Farm - Garden

Getting your greenhouse ready for winter may be a matter of just closing the door and walking away, to worry about next spring, but you will be much better prepared for the next gardening season if a few minutes are spent now to winterize the... more

Oct. 15, 2009 midnight Farm - Garden

The gardening season is rapidly coming to an end, but if you still have an urge to plant something and the snow hasn't reached your area yet, my best suggestion would be to try planting tulips. Tulips, one of the earliest flowers to bloom, are a... more

Oct. 08, 2009 midnight Farm - Garden