Issue: 2005-04-08


Issue: 2005-04-08

April 8, 2005

Issue #5

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“The water is shallow there so swans and other migratory birds can feed on invertebrates and vegetation from the bottom.”  On their long journey from the Vancouver-Washington areas and the Western Coast to the Old Crow Flats and points farther north, Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Last month, I was at Takhini Arena at 7 o’blessed clock in the morning to interview some figure skaters. I waited until I returned to the office before seeking sympathy because these figure skating folk do this a couple of times a week . Read more

Yukon Active

The Beatles

Our favourite Beatle tells others volumes about our personalities. And it is universal among people over 30 because most of us have a favourite Beatle. Read more


Dining Fine The Edgewater

Darrell Hookey

The Crab Cakes were amazing. I couldn’t understand how the chef made them so moist and delicate and yet they held together.  It came with a salad and a homemade Rémoulade. Read more

Yukon Local Business

California Rolls

From the kitchen of The Cellar Steakhouse & Wine Bar Read more


The first thing I saw was a djembe. Last time I saw one of these African drums in action was in a circle of hippie types that had invaded The Red Onion in Skagway, Alaska. A story for another day... Read more

Yukon Music

Rainbow Lips

Go to Toronto and you will see the Bay Street brokers in their slick-cut suits; go to Vancouver and you can tell the granolas by their hippie, back-to-the-land attire. Sexual-orientation-wise, it is usually just as easy to spot gay from straight. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

When I set out to review any game, I make it a point not to read any of the instructions to see how easy it is to pick up. With Mech Assault 2, this was a mistake, but not because the game was too difficult to master. Read more


It’s not easy being a member of a minority group in the Yukon. I suffer regular incidents of dis- crimination where jokes and insults are made at my expense. I am denied jobs, wealth, prestige and power all due to my ethnic heritage. Read more


“I’m an ethical hypnotist,” says Gavin Hooper by telephone from his Vancouver home.  That’s too bad, because the Whitehorse audience at the Yukon Convention Centre April 9 would love to see their bosses on stage, clucking like chickens. Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

The sun is shining, the flag snaps proudly in the south- east wind as the “MV Queen of Prince Rupert” pulls out of Bella Bella this morning. It’s another stunningly beautiful day out on the northwest coast and Inland Passage. Read more

Yukon Music