Issue: 2014-04-10

April 10 Cover "The Education Issue"

What's Up Yukon Education Issue

What's Up Yukon April 10 Issue

"The Education Issue"

Didee & Didoo

Cartoons by Allan Benjamin

Allan Benjamin Old Crow Cartoonist, Poet, Fiddle Player and Snowshoe Racer! Read more

Old Crow

p24 April10 filmfest mila_72dpi_04.jpeg

Dawson City International Film Festival 2014

The DCISFF started in 2000 as a Klondike Institute of Art and Culture project, along with some film enthusiasts from the Dawson community. Producer Dan Sokolowski has been organizing the festival for eight years. Read more

Dawson City

April 10 Issue John Trotter P4

April 10 Issue Photo By John Trotter

John Trotter was supposed to be a lawyer. Becoming the musical director for Wheaton College in Chicago wasn’t part of the plan. “Music was my first love, but it never occurred to me for a moment that I would be a musician,” he says. Read more

Yukon Music

Yukon College Options

Photo by Tamara Neely

The Yukon College offers a few paths towards a career - even if you don't know what you want to do, yet. Read more

Yukon Education

Captain Neely Leaves The Ship

Photo by Teddy F.

But alas, there comes a time when even the most tenacious journalist must succumb to the realities of pregnancy; that time has come for Tamara. This issue — the one in your hot little hands — is her last as editor.... Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Swans at Swan Haven

Photo by Roy Jantzen

If you spend time at Marsh Lake’s M’Clintock Bay this week, you may see new visitors. At up to four and-a-half feet tall, 35 pounds, with 8-foot wingspans, these visitors are hard to miss. Read more

Marsh Lake

Mystic Mojo

April 10 Issue Photo by Astrid Zoer

Paranormal is normal. Everybody is psychic — some just a little more than others. That might sound untrue, but one must understand that, if interested, one’s psychic abilities can be developed. Read more


Hän Singers sing

April 10 Issue Photo by Dan Davidson

On March 31, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in (TH) held a feast to remember the mixed-heritage children who came to Dawson City to live at St. Paul’s Hostel and attend Dawson Public School Read more

Dawson City

Grant Simpson at the Piano

Photo by Christian Kuntz

Spring is here, and if you are looking for a new hobby, swing dance lessons are coming to Whitehorse. Read more

Yukon Music

Whitehorse based family moves to Old Crow! Read more

Old Crow


Photos by Kevin McLachlan, Wood Street School Student

The experiential programs at Whitehorse’s Wood Street School are known for providing practical, hands-on learning to those students lucky enough to get in. Read more

Yukon Education

Eating seasonally teaches long-term thinking I love watching tomato seedlings poke their tiny shoots out of the soil, eagerly seeking sunlight — or UV light from a bulb, as the case may be. Read more

Wild Harvest

According to Statisics Canada, the average undergraduate tuition fee for 2013-2014 is $5,772. If your teenager wants to attend post-secondary away from home, then add on rent, books, and a few airplane tickets per year, the costs can be daunting. Read more

Yukon Education

April 10-Step outside

Photo by

Newton’s law about every action having an equal and opposite reaction becomes obvious, and sometimes painful, when shooting any type of firearm. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

April10issue-Beautiful Owl

Photo by Erin Purdie

We invite you to share your photos of Yukon Wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what's going on and what camera equipment you used to Read more

Living With Wildlife

Yukoner Brando Isaak

April 10 Issue: Photo By Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak is no stranger to the Yukon music scene. Being a native of Whitehorse, the folk musician says he has performed 34,676 hometown shows. “I’m still excited about every one as if it were my first,” he says. Read more

Yukon Music

Rachel Sermanni

Photo by Rachel Sermanni

From the Scottish Highlands to the Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF), 22-year-old folk singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni has been sharing her craft throughout the world. Read more

Yukon Music



Sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re related. That’s the reality for Maggie and Rose Feller, the central characters in the 2005 film In Her Shoes, a comedy-drama available on DVD at Whitehorse Public Library. Read more

Photography - Film