Issue: 2014-04-17

April 17 Cover

"Every Creature is Important" Art work by Charlie Fidler

What's Up Yukon April 17 issue

"The Green Issue"

Didee & Didoo

Cartoons by Allan Benjamin

Allan Benjamin Old Crow Cartoonist, Poet, Fiddle Player and Snowshoe Racer! Read more

Old Crow


The Insidious Computer

There’s no such thing as getting away from it all. Not when it comes to computer technology. Leslie Leong’s latest exhibit, Insidious, reiterates this in beautiful, if at times unsettling, ways. Read more

Yukon Arts

Captain America

Photo by

Superhero movies have become increasingly popular, and film studios seem to be pumping them out as quickly as they can. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Photos by Angela Szmczuk

Earn a rebate when you go energy-efficient Since 2008, the Green Rebate program offered by Yukon’s Energy Solutions has offered a monetary incentive to encourage consumers to trade their old appliances for new, energy-efficient ones. Read more

The Green Issues

Bad News Bears

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If Carmen Smith has her way, there will no free lunch for bears or other critters in Whitehorse wheelie-bins. Smith is program co-ordinator for a non-profit society with the imposing moniker of Centre for Human-Wildlife Human-Conflict Solutions. Read more

The Green Issues

April 24 - Looks like a tomato

Photo By Kim Melton

I was in the grocery store the other day with a friend. Picking up a bag of winter produce she said, “I wonder if they will taste like tomatoes... At least they’ll give the idea of a tomato.” Read more

Farm - Garden

Eric Zalitis receives recognition

Photo by Dan Davidson

I’ve been attending a number of annual general meetings lately, and the experience has simply served to reinforce something that I already knew: without the work of many dedicated volunteers, very little would get done here in Dawson. Read more

Dawson City

Larry Bird

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Dear Larry Bird, Do you know the series 30 for 30? It’s a bunch of documentaries about different sports things. My favourite episode is about Spike Lee and Reggie Miller, and how Spike was rooting for the New York Knicks and Reggie was playing again Read more

Yukon Lifestyle


Photos by Angela Szmczuk

Municipal-scale composting is no small backyard operation The ancient Greeks had a word that helps explain the composting process. Well, actually they had two words: therme, meaning “heat” and philein, meaning “to love”. Read more

The Green Issues

Paula Deckard

Photo courtesy of Paula Deckard

This is my tattoo. It symbolizes my favourite season, autumn. The scythe is the weapon of Cronos, the God of Harvest, the leader of the Titans, and the ruler of planet Saturn. Read more

Tattoo You


Photos by Angela Szmczuk

A past, present and future look into environmental issues affecting Yukon waters Read more

The Green Issues

April 17 Photo: Saxe

Photo by Saxe

Jazz Yukon is delivering yet another one-of-a-kind show next week. On April 23, Toronto bass player George Koller will perform alongside Yukon percussionist Ken Searcy and muti-instrumentalist Daniel Janke in a concert Read more

Yukon Music

In the meantime, new beginnings overlap with old ends, and it’s time for many people to search for fresh goals and activities. Consider the Contagious Mountain Biking Club (CMBC). Read more

Yukon Summer

The Real Dirt

Photo by Joan Norberg

A few years ago, a neighbour told me my garden needed to be amended with some dirt. He was referring to the stereotypical black soil that can be purchased from either big-box stores or a local distributor who harvests the soil from old marshland... Read more

Farm - Garden

Guided Discoveries

Photo courtesy of Sydney Cannings

The new B.C. Roadside Naturalist offers more than just knowledge about flora and fauna in the Yukon Read more


April 17 issue Mitch Dupont

Photo by Kim Melton

Cat McInroy has experience wielding a spatula, though she doesn’t consider herself a professional chef. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink