Issue: 2014-04-24

April 24 Cover

Photo by Rick Massie

What's Up Yukon April 24 Issue

Reverse Speed Bumps

Photo by Dan Davidson

There are lots of places where people tend to drive a little too fast. Some of these places have had various ingenious traffic control systems put in place to slow people down. Read more

Dawson City

Didee & Didoo

Cartoons by Allan Benjamin

Allan Benjamin Old Crow Cartoonist, Poet, Fiddle Player and Snowshoe Racer! Read more

Old Crow



A Yukon labour leader and two other Yukoners recently joined forces with two human rights organizations on a mission to help improve conditions in south-west Guatemala. Read more

Making A Difference!


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Lorraine Bretlyn and the Yukon UFO hotline If you’ve ever seen a strange light slip across the Yukon sky, or heard a mechanical buzz in the middle of a dark forest, don’t worry: you are not alone. Read more


April 24: Jicklings Jabberings

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Throwin' Up Your Thumb The first time I hitchhiked was with my father, when I was 12 years old. We exchanged what-would-mom-think smirks as we boarded an empty cattle car towed by a semi-truck and then clanked our way through the Kalahari Desert to Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Doug And Pearl Bell

Photo Courtesy of Doug Bell

Stirring Up Good Memories Read more

Yukon People


Tattoo You Leah Santos

There are a few things on here with meaning. The garden is a symbol of my love of the outdoors and nature. The treble clef tree is in memory of my father who passed away in 1999. Read more

Tattoo You

April24 Cover Shot 2.jpeg

Rick Massie

No two shows are exactly the same in the Guild's current nine-night run Read more

Theatre - Dance

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Photo: Marc Reouve

Grammy-winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet performs at Yukon Arts Centre April 26 Read more

Yukon Music


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100-Mile Per Hour Tape Likely, most households, tool-kits, camping–boxes, and glove compartments contain a roll of duct tape. Originally developed to seal joints in cold-air ducts (hence the name), it has proven useful for many more purposes. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Tripod Watch

Photo by Dan Davidson

Sometime between now and May 29 (the absolute latest date in the records that have been kept since 1896), the ice in the Yukon River in front of Dawson will lift and fall, break up and begin to float off downstream Read more

Dawson City

Emily on her Sledmobile

Photo by Jason Westover

There is an episode on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David is walking down the street with his manager, Jeff. They pass a man who recognizes Larry and slows down to speak to him. Without missing a beat Larry says, “Hey Ray,” and Read more

Old Crow

Free Man by Andy Nieman

Photo courtesy of Andy Nieman

Andy Nieman's memoir recounts his path from residential school, through addiction and prison, to a life of light and love. Read more


April 10 Issue - Photo by David Pritchard

April 10 Issue - Photo by David Pritchard

My connections to the educational systems in Canada and Swaziland are both significant. Here in Canada I spent 25 years in public education in B.C. and the Yukon, retiring as assistant deputy minister here, in 1981, to pursue a career as an Anglican Read more

Making A Difference!