Issue: 2014-05-08

What's Up Yukon May 8 2014

Photo by Robert Postma

Growin' Up Gwitch'in

Moccasin-maker Elizabeth Kaye writes about her Northern childhood

Every Wednesday at lunchtime the basement of the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre fills with moms, a few dads, and their babies. Read more

Yukon Families

May8 DD

Cartoon by Allan Benjamin

Yesterday is history an’ tomorrow is a mystery. For yesterday I don’t worry an’ tomorrow I’m not in a hurry. If I worry about tomorrow I can live in sorrow. Read more

Old Crow

Confessions Of a Chanteuse

Photo by Bruce Barrett

Last fall I got to step into a spotlight I’d been dreaming of for years. After six years behind the keyboard at the back of The Big Band, I am now out front as the singer. Read more

Yukon Music

May 8 issue Elk Lodge Chef

Photo by Angela Szymczuk

Keith Kelly (aka Teddy Bear) turns out over 1,000 servings of soup each week for the many bingo players at the Elks Lodge on Hawkins Street. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

Local artists will go head-to-head in a waterfront Art Battle this weekend Read more

Yukon Arts

The end of April's Celebration of Swans at Marsh Lake comes at a good time. That's because at least a hundred other bird species are now arriving as part of the long-awaited spring migration. Read more

Marsh Lake

Klondike Poster

Photo of poster by Dan Davidson

There’s all sorts of misinformation about the Klondike Gold Rush out there. One of the most obvious is that a lot of Americans, other than the ones who live in the big state next door to us, Read more

Dawson City

Elizabeth Kayes's moccasins

Photo by Robert Postma

As a Gwich’in child I lived a nomadic lifestyle in the Northwest Territories since a child. My parents were elderly, truly living with the season. The only life they know which naturally were passed on. Read more

Old Crow

Guns for Women and Youth

Photo by

If the gun doesn’t fit the shooter, learning to use it will be difficult and even dangerous. Traditionally, both rifles and shotguns are made to suit an “average” sized person, but sadly that person is male and is larger than the average woman Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

In 2007, Craig Graham-Biggers left the Yukon to run a bar in Baja, Mexico for a year. He expected sun and sand and to earn a living, but did not think he would find love. But he did. Read more

Yukon People

May8 Edible Yukon.jpeg


An excerpt from the diary of a Yukon forager Read more

Wild Harvest

Amanda Hutchen

Photo provided by Amanda Hutchen

I love phoenix birds, and my son’s initials and birthdate were incorporated on this one. Read more

Tattoo You

Jenny Hamilton

Photo by Rick Massie

Jenny Hamilton didn’t waste much time heeding Horace Greeley’s advice to go West young. She was just 14 days old when she arrived in Whitehorse with her parents from her Prince Edward Island birthplace. Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

Maternity Time

Photo by Aleister Grant

Giving birth is never an easy task. Nothing is guaranteed to run smoothly, and a lot of patience is required of everyone involved. Read more

Yukon Families

May8 Leader of Pack 1.jpeg

Rick Massie

This week, 14 ambitious students from Vanier Catholic Secondary School will be belting out a raft of hit tunes their parents or grandparents probably danced or cuddled to decades ago. Read more

Theatre - Dance

May 8 issue Elizabeth Kaye

Photo by Robert Postma

A visit with Gwich’in elder Elizabeth Kaye in Old Crow My daughter Emily and I are sitting in the home of Elizabeth (Liz) Kaye, enjoying the comfortable ambiance and the warmth only a large wood stove can deliver. Read more

Old Crow

Five inspiring Yukon women

Sketches by Amber Church

The Yukon is blessed with a huge number of talented and passionate women. It would take much more space than I have here to pay tribute to even just a handful of these inspiring ladies but I’m going to give it a shot. Read more

Yukon People