Issue: 2014-05-22

What's Up Yukon May 22 Cover

Cover Photo by Rick Massie

What's Up Yukon May 22 Issue

Yakking About the YAC

with Curator: Mary Bradshaw 

The Yukon Arts Centre announces its 2014-15 line-up

Cover Photo by Rick Massie

Big Mama Lele Covers

Photo: courtesy of Amelia Merhar

Amelia Merhar, better known in the Yukon music scene as Big Mama Lele, ended her Graduation Tour on May 10 in Fairbanks. The occasion? She's finally graduated university. Those familiar with her “FOMO Song” know why her Read more

Yukon Music

Brain In Jar

Photo from

They ate my soul at the summer parade They drenched it first in marinade They cut it into little bits They served it with a couple of Ritz Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Spring Detox

Photo by thinkstock

Spring Detox Need Not Be Complicated “Hey Jane, want a beer?” “No mate, can’t. I am on a cleanse.” Ugh. Nothing puts a damper on things like having to do (or hang out with someone on) a cleanse. Why do people put themselves through this? Read more

Health and Wellness

Yukon River after Breakup

Photo By Dan Davidson

I was in Calgary in the middle of a snowstorm when the ice went out in the Yukon River this year. Two days earlier, it was beautiful. I was strolling in the Calgary Zoo getting slightly sunburned around my receding hairline, because the only hat I ha Read more

Dawson City

May15 2014 Didee and Didoo

Cartoon by Old Crow Cartoonist and poet Allan Benjamin

When I’m a tour guide I like walking outside. When I show tourists our town We use a wheelbarrow to get around. When they come to Old Crow Yukon Read more

Old Crow

Alaskan Brown Bear

Stock image of Alaskan Brown Bear

I moved as he swung at me and he missed me by a few inches. Read more


Caribou On Ice

Photo: Robert Postma

On May 7, 2014, the Porcupine River broke free of its icy tomb and started to flow again. Just about everyone in Old Crow had been talking about it. If you had nothing else to say to someone, rest assured you could talk about when the river was Read more

Old Crow

A rubra.jpeg


I immediately go for a walk whenever I arrive somewhere new to me. It helps me orient myself to north and south; I learn the nearby amenities — streams or the fruit stands, depending on the context. After travelling by plane, car, or train, Read more

Wild Harvest

Full Boar 2014

Photo: Meagan Deuling

The annual pig roast potluck is a community event Read more

Farm - Garden

Pepper with Character

Photo by Wendy Avison

What do you see? Read more

Readers Submissions


photo: stock image of northern pike

In the Yukon, fly anglers usually target arctic grayling, rainbow trout, or kokanee salmon in stocked lakes. These fish are readily available, fairly easy to catch and make great meals. One very common Yukon fish, usually overlooked by the fly-angler Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

We received 167 entries to our Kids Home and Family Contest! Read more

2014-15 will see a distinctive range of artistic events Read more

Yukon Arts

Curator Mary Bradshaw

PHOTO: Scott Price

Tourism officials in Barbados market their island as “Distinctively Charming”. But when Mary Bradshaw was weighing the option of a Barbadian internship against one in Whitehorse, she opted for the distinctive charm of the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Arts