Issue: 2014-09-18

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Sept18 Issue

Issue #396 September 18, 2014

"The Blue Bin Boys"

It’s an unfortunate household that doesn’t occasionally sit down to a simmering pot of delicious moose or other wild-game stew. It’s a meal that can be made easily in camp or at home and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest appetite. Read more

As I walk into the Yukon Arts Centre early on a Tuesday morning I pass a woman holding some wild flowers in her hands. Our eyes meet in the way eyes seem to meet in the Yukon — a second longer than normal, accompanied by a smile. Read more

Yukon Arts

I recently heard the term “supermarket spiritualism” to describe folks walking down the proverbial aisle picking and choosing bits and pieces from every spiritual practice imaginable. And then paying for it all at the checkout. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Imagine Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico Philosophicus was a person. He was a young man — driven, entrepreneurial, and shaved clean. He woke early, without setting an alarm clock. He ate quickly, dressed quickly, Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

It always seems that for other people things happen quite easily. They have an idea and voila — there it is. I don't know; maybe it’s true for some, with some things. Read more

Yukon Outside

Residents of Watson Lake can now throw strikes and spares in style. The bowling alley at the Morgan Chaddock Recreation Centre is now computerized, which means that lanes can be segregated, therefore more than one group can bowl at a time. Read more

Watson Lake

Every season is book reading season, but the most exciting season to read books is in the fall. The feeling of the change from summer to fall evokes a restlessness akin to spring fever, but it’s not that, it’s the opposite. Read more


If you have ever watched an HBO show, or have listened to an LP with a Parental Advisory, it is your duty to tip your hat to the man who made taboo language not taboo. It’s your duty to give thanks and praise to Lenny Bruce — a man who died for our Read more

Photography - Film

This week, van der Meer tells the story of his collection of White Pass and stagecoach foot warmers. As the winter months are fast approaching, he digs out his collection of three foot warmers. As seen in the image, the foot warmers are rectangular- Read more

, Beaver Creek

This year was Beaver Creek Library's first year participating in the TD Summer Reading Club (SRC). The summer reading program is a joint initiative by TD Bank Group, Toronto Public Library, and Library and Archives Canada designed to get kids reading Read more

Beaver Creek

In the beginning it was available only to the people of Riverdale. But now — two years later — the Yukon Blue Bin Recycling Society has grown large enough to offer recycling pickup to every major residential area in Whitehorse. Their service is Read more

Yukon Local Business

The Yukon Film Society and Yukon Arts Centre present the return of the Available Light Cinema series on Sunday, September 21 with two films of the scientific variety. The science fiction film screening at 9:00 p.m. is Jonathan Glazer’s chilling Read more

Photography - Film

According to journalist Ken Spotswood, who prepared a media kit of short articles for the Klondike Visitors Association (KVA) to be used during our centennial years (1996-98), the Great Klondike International Outhouse Race had its first run in 1977, Read more

Dawson City


Sept18 Issue

I’m at that age where my friends are getting married, having children and, for some, getting divorced and doing it all over again. Read more

Yukon Education


Sept18 Issue

1:00 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon in July.There is a gentle breeze blowing. The sun casts a warm glow across the sky. The waves in Marsh Lake are bobbing along smoothly; it is a perfect summer day. I sip my second cup of coffee while enjoying the Read more

Marsh Lake

All good things must come to an end. And the summer outdoor market is no exception. Over the years we have enjoyed getting to know our summer market customers, and the other vendors become like family.So when the last market happens it is often a b Read more

Farm - Garden

The Open Pit theatre company is scouring the territory for stories.Genevive Doyon and Jessica Hickman are two playwrights, actors, and founders of Open Pit who are collecting yarns about what it means to call the Yukon home. They want to talk to any Read more

Theatre - Dance


Sept18 Issue

Sometimes, nostalgia sucks and takes you back to places you don't need to be.There was a time in this old drifter's life, like 1972, when Dawson City, The Heart of the Klondike, had all the answers for a young man who had lost his bag of questions. Read more

Yukon People