Issue: 2014-11-13


The Yukon is known for its craft fairs. From Dawson to Faro to Teslin, each community has its own craft niche. But when you get to Whitehorse, the niche transforms into something almost limitless called Spruce Bog. Read more


Yukoners are creative when it comes to shopping — the popularity of garage sales, ski swaps, and Facebook buy-and-sell pages testify to this. It’s therefore not surprising that the territory’s craft-fair-per-capita rating is through-the-roof this t Read more

Yukon Communities

“One hundred writers from around the world in 86 events”, was the motto of the 2014 Vancouver Writers Festival. Read more


“We were praying and killing each other at the same time.” — A German soldier reflecting on D-Day Once peace is waged what do we remember about the battlefields? Tales of war can become like the whispering game after a few generations have passed, a Read more

Photography - Film

The phrase “food security” is becoming common, and it can be interpreted in several different ways. Read more

Farm - Garden

Onde de choc

Alistair Maitland Yukon News/Alistair Maitland

"There aren't many opportunities for francophone artists to try more experimental performances in our regular community shows; that's how we came up with the concept of Onde de choc," says Virginie Hamel Read more

Theatre - Dance

Andrea Kastner has been fascinated by garbage for years. The Montreal native, who now makes her home in Hamilton, Ontario became interested in waste while thinking about how we, as a society, relate to our possessions. Read more

Yukon Arts

Sid van der Meer has lived in Beaver Creek, Yukon since 1997. He’s made a comfortable home for himself, and a charming museum for friends and visitors. His collectables can be found in both his museum and his home. Read more

Beaver Creek

The Yukon is known for its vibrant fireweed; it’s used to make jelly, soap, and artwork. For Yukon-based artist Helen O'Connor, fireweed provides material for artistic paper. Read more

Yukon Arts

It's not often I give myself an impossible writing assignment but I'm doing so now because I'm intrigued by the challenge. Book reviews often have aim to provide a concise summary and make the reader want to read the book. Not this time. Read more




The first snow is a long-anticipated event for me. It is not only eagerness, but also apprehension, that keeps me company on my tenterhooks. Either way, there is relief when the white stuff finally flies. Read more


Samo Trebizan Getty Images/iStockphoto

We all have a tendency to think, “it can’t happen to me”, but those who have spent any time out on the land have had at least the early stages of hypothermia Read more

Yukon Winter

He may be a classically-trained pianist, but Chris Donnelly doesn’t get bent out of shape if his instrument is less than brilliantly tuned. Read more

Yukon Music