Issue: 2014-11-20

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Those with long memories might recall that I recounted my first trip to New York in the Jickling’s Jabberings column of February 21, 2013. In that article, “Remembering the Big Apple”, I reminisced about being stuck in my own humidity hell Read more

Yukon Outside

I’ve been listening to a lot of cassette tapes lately. You remember those things; they appeared between vinyl records (making a comeback) and CDs (fading away as the world goes digital). Read more

Dawson City

Tracks, playing November 23 at the Yukon Arts Centre (YAC), is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who resolved to take a two thousand mile walk across the Australian desert to the Indian Ocean, Read more

Photography - Film

You are wise if you improvise. You have knowledge not learned in college. You make plans Read more

Old Crow

If it hasn’t crossed your radar yet, this years’ International Songwriting Competition has some pretty serious judges. Tom Waits. Sarah MacLachlan. Bela Fleck. Read more

Yukon Music

We hear them before we see them; they squeak up behind us on the snowy trail or sidewalk. A muffled “on your left” as they slowly pedal by. Their LED headlight, taillight, and headlamp briefly illuminate the dusky winter daylight. The headlights of Read more

Yukon Active

After hearing artistic director David Skelton talk about Nakai Theatre’s 24-Hour Playwriting Competition on the radio, I decide to sign up. I’m not a playwright, but, then again — maybe I am. Maybe my passion for writing has been waiting for me to Read more

Theatre - Dance

I usually keep a cool head in chaos. This was not the case one fine Friday when I stopped by the Whitehorse Real Canadian Superstore (Superstore) after work to pick up a few things for dinner. Superstore is a large Loblaws-brand grocery store, and Read more

Yukon Business

By no means a feral cat, Loesje knew the rules of the wild. Savvy outside, loveable inside, she was the Queen. She died this fall at the ripe old cat age of 18-and-a-half. Let me tell you her life story: Read more

Yukoners Pets

On November 23,The Old Fire Hall will once again host a free mini-festival of Japanese films, hosted by the Japanese Canadian Association of Yukon (JCAY). This time it’s a double bill, with one film extolling the virtues of a noted Japanese food Read more

Photography - Film

Prince Harry turned 30 this year. Besides continuing as Britain’s most eligible bachelor, this milestone entitles him to receive his share of Princess Diana’s estate. Read more

Family and Health

I arrived in Whiterhorse in the middle of the night after riding Greyhound buses across the country for five days. The last thing I wanted was to sit again, but at 4:30 a.m., feeling cold just because Read more

Yukon People

Amy O’Rourke’s business was financially successful from the outset — so successful, she folded it in less than a year. She will talk about her experience at Baked Café on November 20. Read more

Yukon Business

Michele Emslie doesn’t even try to disguise her enthusiasm for her job as an arts administrator. “I love art. I love artists. I love what they give to the world,” she declares. Read more

Yukon Arts