Issue: 2014-11-27

What's Up Yukon November 27, 2014

Masamichi Nakatsuka has a painting, a watercolour on paper called "Passion", that he completed in one sitting. The painting is of a skull with paint dripping down its side. Nakatsuka, who goes by Michi, says he couldn't stop working until it was Read more

Yukon Arts

I had to do my first major snow clearance of the season on Hallowe’en. It wasn’t bad — took about half an hour. Read more

Dawson City

When I started housesitting in Porter Creek at the end of the summer I had almost no reason to leave the neighbourhood. I had no steady job: I’d been living in my camper and hadn’t needed to find one. Read more


No one gets out of paradise unscathed. That’s what Matt King says as The Descendants, a drama set in Hawaii, begins. Read more

Photography - Film

I was in the Yukon Liquor Corporation about six weeks ago, when I was delighted to make the acquaintance of an old friend. Read more


I always keep hiking until the snow becomes too deep. On October 18 it was snowing. The previous day I had gone for a full day hike. Was October 17 the date of my last full hike of the season, deep in the Alpine? Read more

Yukon Winter

Walking into Mac's Fireweed Books on December 6, readers will have the chance to meet a variety of Yukon writers and can experience how much creativity the territory produces. This year’s annual Yukon author book signing will feature nine authors Read more



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In the 1970s farmers in the United States were told to “get big or get out” as a way to promote larger, corporately owned farms. Read more

Farm - Garden


RONSAN4D Getty Images/iStockphoto

The heart-lung area is the place to put your bullet for a quick, clean kill on any big animal. The lungs supply oxygen, and the heart pumps oxygenated blood, so if you stop either one or both, the animal dies quickly and a minimal amount of meat Read more

Wild Harvest

In chapter six of A.A. Milne's classic, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore has a birthday. Miserable to begin with, and sure to become so again soon after, we leave Eeyore at the end of the tale at perhaps the happiest we’ve ever see him — because of a useful Read more

Wild Harvest

Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson was a champion of fun. If he is remembered at all, it is through exaggerated shades of his personality. Bill Murray in Where the Buffalo Roam, and Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are examples of this. Read more


My honey likes honey. That fly can't fly. Read more

Old Crow

If you’re stumped about what to call your new Northern band, you might find inspiration at your local museum. Read more

Yukon Music

Terrence McNally’s Dedication or the Stuff of Dreams, playing at the Guild Hall until December 6, is a love letter to theatre in an era when it needs all the love it can get. Read more

Theatre - Dance

There are currently two mammoths at the Yukon Arts Centre. But they don't interact; they are on different schedules. The one hanging out in the Public Art Gallery belongs to the Ice Age Mammals exhibit. The other mammoth — the one of current interest Read more

Yukon Arts