Issue: 2014-12-18

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Issue: 2014-12-18

"Fall Harvest Leads To Winter Warmth"

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I’ve got a moose stew I usually throw together in the winter for a party. I get it going on the stove, and when it's done I set it on the fireplace with a ladle and some bowls laying around for people to tie into it whenever they feel like it. Read more

My office and my bed are 10 feet apart, which means that my morning commute takes between 15 seconds and one minute, depending on whether I put on pants. I have amused myself Read more


As a former English teacher, long time library patron, book reviewer, informal Berton House liaison, and editor of The Klondike Sun, it often falls to me to make the introductions when an author comes to do a public reading at the Dawson Community Li Read more

Dawson City

In the dark days of winter, we could all stand to sing a page from the Swedish songbook; in particular, the tradition of Sankta Lucia, a celebration of light meant to ward off the evil spirits of darkness. Saint Lucy’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Lucy Read more


Melt butter, add everything else, stirring constantly. Boil on medium heat to 118° C. It has to get to exactly this temperature: 117 is to low, 119 is too high, 120 is right out. Use a sugar thermometer. If you don't have one, get one. Read more

It’s a season of traditions, and for thousands of Canadians this means taking part in the annual Christmas Bird Count. Called the “longest-running science project in the world” by the Audubon Society, this annual winter event — the 115th Read more

Yukon Wildlife

Want to be a part of a reality show that you can influence? Just hop onto Bjorn Troch’s website, The Social Traveler, and you can have a say in what he does while he travels the world.Troch, a communications major originally from Belgium, first had Read more

Travel Outside

I knew my mom, Kathy O’Donovan, was something special as far back as my memory allows. I remember being in awe of all her talents, maybe not always appreciative, but in awe none-the-less. The down side of your mother Read more

Yukon People

It was December sometime in the mid-1950s. I was in the Baptist Mission School here in Whitehorse. Behind the fenced-in grounds of the school were several long buildings that were once used by the army. There also was the Army Theatre where we would Read more

Yukon Archives

Why settle for karaoke night in a bar when you can parade your singing talent at the Yukon Arts Centre? "I think people miss singing in their lives, or miss music in their lives," claims Whitehorse composer and filmmaker Daniel Janke. "It can just Read more

Yukon Music

Hayao Miyazaki, of Japan’s Studio Ghibli, has declared that The Wind Rises, playing at the Yukon Arts Centre on December 28, will be his last film. It is a truly beautiful piece of animation, complete with painterly landscapes and a remarkably textur Read more

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