issue: 2015-01-22

Cover January 22, 2015

"When the inner child speaks out"

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They followed the caribou herds an’ they hunted migratory birds. Gwichins moved all over the place or hunger they would face. Everyone followed the caribou tracks but they stayed away from wolf packs. Read more

Old Crow

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Cast No Shadows is set against a backdrop of musty kitchens and slippery rock PHOTO: courtesy YFS

Joel Thomas Hynes’s blackly tinted, yet poignantly observant perspective, brings you his best film yet. Cast No Shadow, playing at the Yukon Arts Centre on February 10, is a beautifully filmed narrative about the most terrifying demon of all: the one Read more

Photography - Film



When I arrived in New York City on December 19 and finally found my way to my room in the apartment I was subletting, I dropped my bags and investigated the habitat. I had been warned about the kitchen from the girl I was renting the room from (who i Read more

Yukon Outside

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Photos: Alexander Weber

I have been a rock climber for seven years; I went from being an indoor climbing warrior to outdoors enthusiast. I climb 1500 feet walls; I bushwhack for hours for a single climb and travel to exotic countries to taste the different rock. Read more

Yukon Winter


(S)hiver festival promises a night of art, light, and creativity in response to the dark cold of a northern winter PHOTOS: Rick Massie

A brand new event will be taking place in Dawson City on Saturday, January 24. The (s)hiver festival promises a night of art, light, and creativity in response to the dark cold of a northern winter. Read more

Yukon Arts

Ice fishing is a cold weather activity and your hands are involved in every operation, including cutting holes, setting up equipment, and hopefully handling fish. High quality gloves, mitts, and hand warmers are essential to keep at it for any length Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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PHOTOS: Denise Norman

The place is busy and noisy. Paul and Jeannine Baker look more like construction workers than artists. Jeannine is sweeping drywall debris in the kitchen/workshop space, and Paul is cutting trim at the chop saw. Read more

Yukon Arts



Building on last year's boot camp for musicians, this month Music Yukon is offering its two-part Music Survival Camp 2.0, focusing on entrepreneurial and artistic development. Read more

Yukon Music

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My camera is a Canon 5D Mark III. photo: Constance Hurtig

I really enjoy watching and photographing the Bohemian waxwing. I think it’s such a pretty bird. I spotted these in a tree in my backyard and wasted no time grabbing my camera and heading outside. Read more

Living With Wildlife

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Image: James S. Shorty

I have been on an ad hoc personal journey to find my father’s heritage for several years. He passed away when I was only about six-and-a-half years of age. What I know about him I know from my mother and from older siblings from his first and second Read more

Yukon History


Photos: by Henry Chan

The two songs Tristan Whiston sang constantly during his transformation from a female into a male were “Water is Wide” and “I am Sailing”. Both are about the ocean. Read more

Yukon Music


Caption: Shane Koyczan is a spoken word artist who is performing at the Pivot Theatre Festival. Photo: Courtesy of Shane Koyczan

Nakai Theatre is bringing poet, songwriter, speaker, and celebrated spoken word performer Shane Koyczan to Whitehorse, to perform at the Pivot Festival on January 24, at the Yukon Arts Centre. Koyczan comes to Whitehorse to promote his new album and Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment