Issue: 2015-02-12


Issue: 2015-02-12

"Destination: Fairbanks, Tales from the trenches of the Yukon Quest"

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Chris Grishler

“Ice climbing is a cold, miserable activity to do; these days technology makes it more comfortable, but still, you’re climbing up a frozen piece of water.” Chris Grishler is doing everything he can to make ice-climbing appeal to the masses Read more

Yukon Winter


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Peter Jickling

When I was a kid I rarely got mail. And when I did, it was usually a card from a relative or a note from a pen-pal. These letters came in packages of different shapes and sizes and would usually have an off-kilter, hand-written address Read more



Issue: 2015-02-12 Photo: Dan Davidson

November and most of December were mild in the Klondike this winter. Wondrously, it only took two-and-a-half days to warm up St. Paul's Anglican Church enough to have a comfortable ecumenical Christmas Eve pageant. Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Dennis Parent

Deep in the woods, mysterious trees grow. They have a deformity that makes them more valuable. No, the dark arts are not at work, but rather the magic of Mother Nature, and the growth of burls, roundish outgrowths in trees. Read more

Yukon Outside

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Nicole Bauberger

To descend the stairs into Bear’s Paw Quilts is to descend into colour. Quilts and colourful fabric samples line the walls. This is more than a fabric store. It’s a school, and a conduit to a world where quilting is the art of choice. Read more

Yukon Local Business


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO:

When I showcased my subpar dog handling skills in a race for the first time, it was the 2006 Yukon Quest. But I was no stranger to the Quest, because I had covered it five times before that as a reporter for the Yukon News. Read more

Yukon Winter


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Tristan Fox

Many of us were introduced to dessert combined with music was through Tchaikovski's Nutcracker. Imagery of Spanish chocolate, sugar plum fairies, lemonade waters, and a kingdom of sweets delights viewers while the orchestra plays on. Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Judith Beaumont

Judy Beaumont talks about the early days volunteering in the Yukon Quest office. The cramped space was shared with the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous in the (former) Regina hotel. “The office was in behind the bar, this little crappy office in the back,” Read more

Yukon Winter


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: IMDb

Imagine being able to pick out a child from an assortment of infants and toddlers, as easily as choosing a puppy from a litter or candy from a dish. You might even take two. Read more

Photography - Film


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: Joan Norberg

“There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter. One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogs” - Hal Borland, American journalist (1900 – 1978). Seed catalogues evoke memories of summer breezes and warmer times. Read more

Farm - Garden

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Issue: 2015-02-12 Photo: Allan Benjamin

We don’t have a store so we’re really poor. We can’t even shop ‘cause they came to a stop. We could even die because we can’t buy. We can’t eat money and that’s not funny. Even if we have cash it’s as good as trash. Read more

Old Crow

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy The Naysayers

The best album I heard last summer, and probably all year, came out of Dawson City. Hope, the debut album by The Naysayers, totally rocks. Led by singer-songwriter Drea Nasager, the band fuels its folk rock songs with a heavy punk edge. Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver

Last November, Whitehorse entrepreneur Stephen Kwok Wai-Kan was in Vancouver in his part-time role as liaison officer between the Yukon and Chinese governments. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of Jon Mckiel

When I reach Jon Mckiel he’s in the middle of a New Brunswick snowstorm. I’m in the Yukon, where the temperature has dipped below -30°C. We talk about what to expect when he arrives in Whitehorse to perform at the Available Light Film Festival Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-02-12 PHOTO: courtesy of YFS

Thursday, February 12th The day kicks off with the festival’s final installment of the Fire Hall Film Talks, a series of free lunchtime discussions between filmmakers and artists about behind-the-scene development of projects. Read more

Photography - Film