Issue: 2015-08-06

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Issue: 2015-08-06


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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Joslyn Kilborn

“We want to freshen up the image of the library ... as the cool place that it is,” Sarah Gallagher tells me with a sideways glance. We both giggle. It’s funny, because she’s a librarian and I have a degree in literary criticism and books are a big... Read more


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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: O’Hara Shipe, Shipe Shots Photography

Nadine Landry describes Louisiana’s Cajun culture as a ‘holy trinity’ of food, music and dancing. “People invite you over to dinner, so there is food, and that’s hugely important in Cajun culture. And it takes so long for the food to get ready ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Meagan Deuling

It’s not the first time I’ve written about this. Moving. Not everyone likes it. I don’t. It’s work. It disrupts the rhythm of everyday. It’s “Where’s the coffee pot?”, it’s buying a new toothbrush then finding your old one packed in with all your... Read more

Family and Health

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Allan Benjamin


Old Crow

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

In 1976 I was a young teacher just starting out in Beaver Creek, fresh from Nova Scotia and learning about the North. Regular stories about the Berger Inquiry (or Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry) were part of my education, as was the report... Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Kim Melton

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! I didn’t know how much I was anticipating berry season until I saw my first ripe raspberry dripping its glowing red drupelets from a bush south of Whitehorse. And with it, I know, are coming Saskatoons, ... Read more

Wild Harvest

Living on a knife’s edge isn’t as exciting as it sounds. It can actually be downright tedious, and that’s what Wendy and Lucy captures — the daily grind of staying upright in a treacherous situation. On the way to Alaska with her dog Lucy, Wendy’s... Read more

Photography - Film


Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO:

So you took good advice and bought premium boots that fit you properly, and took the time to properly break them in before you went hiking. Those steps really minimize the chances of major foot problems, but some difficulties can still arise due... Read more

Yukon Summer

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Teresa Vandermeer-Chasse

The airport in Beaver Creek, Yukon is small and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you will miss it. Many who know Sid van der Meer may recall him owning and operating a small aircraft in the 1970s. Read more

, Beaver Creek

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: by courtesy of Klondike Institute of Art & Culture

The fourth edition of the Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Symposium, part of the annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, is taking a walk on the wild side. This year, the symposium’s popular Dawson Daily News Postcard Story Competition will... Read more

Dawson City

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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: © Government of Yukon

A series of demonstrations and hands-on activities is helping animate the current exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre’s public gallery, Found, Forged & Fused, a survey of handmade works from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. Read more

Yukon Arts

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Issue: 2015-08-06 Photo:

The year is 1720. If you just touched down in London town, you would see a bustling city with ships docked at each port. If you were a male looking for work, you might have considered the popular porter trade. With London being on the banks of the... Read more


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Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

Yes! This month, Jane Vincent is coming with me on an attempt to climb the pinnacle. It’s a pinnacle I now call Dragon Mountain. Recently, hiking there on my own, setting my own pace, very aware of my surroundings, I was in tune for miracles. Read more

Yukon Summer

Do you like climbing rocks? Do you enjoy hiking in a gorgeous valley? What about making friends? Walking a tightrope suspended between two giant boulders? Do you like having fun and being happy? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re in luck. Read more

Yukon Summer


Issue: 2015-08-06 PHOTO: Michael MacLean

After playing harmonica for more than 40 years, George McConkey finally feels he is getting to the venerated status of “old blues guy”. Nicknamed Harmonica George, he started playing when he was young. Through sheer stubbornness, he has never... Read more

Yukon Music