Issue: 2015-08-13

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Issue: 2015-08-13

"Back to School"

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: by courtesy of Carolyn Vincent

Carolyn Vincent taught in the Yukon in the 1970s and also cooked for an outfitter for a few months in 1976. She typed out a diary of what her life was like during that time. We are reprinting it here with minimal editorial tampering. Last time we... Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTOS: Destiny Clennett

Destiny Clennett, 13, was one of eight students from Northern Lights School of Dance (NLSD) to attend the 13th World Congress of Dance and the Child International (daCi) in Copenhagen, Denmark in July. Read more

Family and Health


Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: TKS Photography

Gaming is a diverse hobby. It extends beyond the Scrabble and Monopoly of family gatherings, or the video games many associate with teenage boys. These days, gamers come in all stripes and have access to a vast and ever-expanding world of... Read more


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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Patricia Jones

It’s the last Thursday evening in July, and Elyn Jones is sitting beside the parking lot of Universal Studios giving an interview on her cell phone. She and her husband, Jerome McIntyre and their daughter Breda, 12, have spent a scorching ... Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

Still filling up on wheat, corn and rice? That’s so 2015. If you’re looking for the latest healthy ingredient trend, look to the past. Ancient grains are making a comeback for all the right reasons. Not only are these foods more nutritious than... Read more

Health and Wellness

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Yukon Government Photos

When Shea Newnham goes to Wolf Creek Campground, he can still see the trail that he helped build as a Yukon Youth Conservation Corps (Y2C2) member. Ryan Drummond sees his stint as “the beginning of my understanding of the real meanings of natural... Read more

Making A Difference!

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Fiona Solon & Peter Jickling

Peter Robertson Jickling and I decide to meet up at the liquor store and see where the universe takes us. After almost T-boning his purple Honda Civic, I tell him to get in the truck - that he has been officially kidnapped. Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTOS: Tim Green

During my daily walks with the dogs in the woods between Porter Creek and the college, I can’t help noticing long straight corridors cut through the trees. At first, I naturally assumed these were the Whitehorse equivalent of the lines on the Nazca.. Read more


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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Fiona McTaggart

Out on the old Alaska Highway, halfway to Haines Junction and only a few kilometres from Champagne, an observant traveller may spot Kwaday Dan Kenji, or Long Ago People’s Place. The privately-owned camp, the only one of its kind in the Yukon, ... Read more

Yukon History

Aug13 Hardest Year - Locker (2).jpg

Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Sarah Ott

On the first day of kindergarten I didn’t know what to expect; playtime was now scheduled between certain hours and, in order to sit in the circle with the other kids, you needed to pass the test of finding your name. These were hard times in the... Read more

Yukon Education


Issue: 2015-08-13 Image: stock

I’ll always remember and enjoy an incident where I was wearing my new-to-the-market headlamp. The guy I was hunting with kind of snickered when he saw it. His tune changed a short time later while we were dressing out a moose in the dark and he... Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Aug 13 Sips & Stogies - Black Bengal.jpg

Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Angela Szymczuk

Yes, the promised land was intended for Moses and the Hebrews. But that was in the BC era. In the AD era, CAO, a Nashvillebased cigar house, gave way to Black, a promised land in itself. CAO started out in 1968 as a pipe making factory. Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Miche Genest

Sometimes in life you have to make up a recipe on paper and hope it works out. Such was the case last month From far away in Ontario, with no access to the berries or the vodka I needed to test-drive, I created a virtual cocktail and sent the... Read more


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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Alexander Weber

Everyone needs to drop what they’re doing, and go and hike the Chilkoot Trail. Already hiked it you say? Well get back out there. Not fit enough? Then start training. Barring any major physical restrictions, you really have no excuse. Read more

Yukon Summer

Aug 13 Claire the bartender.jpg

Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Joslyn Kilborn

If you’ve ever been to Lizards Lounge in the Town and Mountain Hotel on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ve seen Claire Mechan. She’s been behind the bar making your drinks for the last fiveand-a-half years. “It’s my identifier in Whitehorse,” ... Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Allan Benjamin

When I Go For My Walks I Wear Out My Socks. I Wear Out My Soles And My Shoes Has Holes. I Always Walk With My Dog But Then He Makes Me Jog. Read more

Old Crow

August 13 KK - New Park.jpg

Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

Dawson City has a new park. Located between the Dawson Plaza (where the CIBC is) and the Husky Bus HQ (the former Hair We Are salon) it’s not a large space, but it’s a pleasant spot along Dawson’s second busiest commercial street, Second Avenue. Read more

Dawson City


Issue: 2015-08-13 PHOTO: Esther Deuling

My dad figures it’s more common for adults to go back to school these days. This is compared to when he went to college for the first time when he was 33. In the ‘90s. He says, “These days, people don’t stay in the same career.” Read more

Yukon Education