Issue: 2015-09-17

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Issue: 2015-09-17

"Fetching Fall"

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Lea Roy

Armed with everything they need to make art, plus some delicious egg salad sandwiches, 12 Yukon artists left their lives behind and tucked themselves into the woods to make art together. Members of the Southern Lakes Artist Collective got... Read more

Yukon Arts

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Rachelle Czerwinski

Off the southeast coast of Africa lies the beautiful island of Madagascar. While the children’s Madagascar movies paint a nice scenic picture of the island, there are serious issues taking place. Rachelle Czerwinski was born and raised in... Read more

Making A Difference!


Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO:

The Code is clear: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Ditto for jury rooms and papal conclaves. Double ditto for hunting trips. But sometimes a story demands to override the Code. There were four guys that September weekend on the Mayo River. Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing


Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: George Maratos

George Maratos was just three years old when Terry Fox was becoming a household name across Canada and elsewhere. Still, he claims to have a "kind of" memory of the young B.C. runner's heroic 1980 odyssey known as the Marathon of Hope. Read more

Making A Difference!

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: courtesy of Black Iron Blossom

Blues band Black Iron Blossom came out of nowhere. I hadn't even heard of them before the normally quiet Sam Gallagher stopped me in Mac's Fireweed Books, told me he's in a band and asked me to listen to their CD, called Full Moon Over Whitehorse. Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Kim Melton

Nitrates, nitrites, nitrous… makes me think of big industrial fertiliser companies, laughing gas, and that wheee sound the cars in videogames used to make when you gave them an extra burst of speed. Read more

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Gabor Naby

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what's going on and what camera equipment you used to Read more

Living With Wildlife

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Issue: 2015-09-17 Photo: Nancy Oakley

Marty is standing on the side of the Chilkat River, holding a ten-dollar fishing pole straight up, away from her body and waving it around with an alarmed air like the thing was covered in pig crap. “Oh god... oh no... I have a bite!” Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: courtesy of Yukon Film Society

A brilliantly layered and sensitive look at the contrasting stages of life, the 2014 film The Clouds of Sils Maria stars Juliette Binoche as Maria Enders, an accomplished stage actress who becomes painfully aware of the relationships between... Read more

Photography - Film

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: courtesy of Ivan Coyote

The term tomboy usually refers to a girl who has “male”interests, and has a preference for “male” clothing. You know, the type of girl who likes to wear sweats, plays soccer with the guys and wants be an auto mechanic. That was then. Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Jason Westover

I’m not saying my daughter Emily is soft when it comes to roughing it. She just happened to have spent her first three and a half years living in the total comfort of a warm bed, running water, and the ability to flush her business down a toilet... Read more

Yukon Summer


Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Joslyn Kilborn

When I move to the Yukon I begin fishing again for the first time since I was a girl. I buy a cheap rod and spend my time casting into whatever lake my friends are going to. My first catch is a pike that makes me feel uneasy, yet empowered, as I... Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Courtesy of Music Yukon

Summer may be drawing to a close, but there is still a great music festival that you can catch. Taking place in Victoria, B.C., the Breakout West festival takes place Sept. 17-20. The festival has been going for 13 years strong. Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-09-17 PHOTO: Allan Benjamin


Old Crow