Issue: 2015-11-05

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Issue: 2015-11-05

"Eagle Music"

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of the Fireweed Community Market Society

For the past few years the 12 Days of Christmas Market at The Old Fire Hall has been jam-packed with shoppers perusing the jam-packed aisles of jam, jewelry, mittens, tree ornaments and other Christmas lovelies. Read more

Yukon Business

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Dan Davidson

At a recent municipal candidates’ forum it was suggested that one of the solutions to Dawson’s perennial winter housing problem would be to arrange to rent out rooms in some of the establishments that only operate in the summer. Read more

Dawson City


Old Crow


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Shirley Chua Tan

I have an idea that would really put the Yukon on the world map: let’s build a True North Queen School. Tourists and Yukon students could spend few weeks at the Queen School, named after the wealth of history Rendezvous Queens study in order to be... Read more

Yukon Education

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Max Fraser

Whitehorse director and playwright Arlin McFarlane strives to captivate. She has developed a unique, one-actor play about our ability to change our lives around thanks to neuroplasticity. The play is about a young girl who is prone to... Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: creative

Congratulations, Justin, on becoming Canada’s next Rebound Prime Minister. It’s a dubious honour. Yes, it’s great being the nice guy who swoops in after the psychopath finally leaves the room, but it’s a lot of responsibility not to harm an... Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Miche Genest

In the world of beverages, everything old is new again. The cocktail revival of recent years has been matched by a revival of interest in old-fashioned, non-alcoholic refreshers. On food blogs, in restaurants and in modern cookbooks you’ll find... Read more

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO:Selene Vakharia

If you’re not eating flax every day, it’s time to start. While it may not seem like the sexiest superfood in its tiny boring brown package, its many nutritional superpowers will soon have you thinking otherwise. High in fibre, omega-3’s, and... Read more

Health and Wellness


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Promotional

Whitehorse-resident Selina Heyligers-Hare, or as she’s billed in the upcoming Blue Feather Music Festival, Selina H., is only 18 years old. She just graduated from high school. However, she has 13 years of experience making music and can hold her... Read more

Yukon Music

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Special Olympics Yukon

Hi my name is Mallory Ellen Pigage. I have been an athlete with the Special Olympics Yukon for 16 years. I really like Special Olympics because it is a time for me to socialize and do sports at the same time. The reason why it gives me the time to... Read more

Yukon People

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Nellie Dale

When my nephew was six he ran a grocery store. He sorted cans of fruit, vegetables and soup. He priced each can and stocked shelves. Then he sold the products to his sister and brother. He was able to add the prices and make change in his head. Read more

Yukon Education


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: wikipedia

Just think of all the salmon or tuna sandwiches you’ve had over your lifetime. Well, with a small amount of effort you can do the same with pike. Sadly, pike have got a bad reputation with many people and even one of their nicknames, “slough shark,” Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Nurettin Cicek

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the literary world. Publishers, agents, authors and readers from all over the world come to the five day event. It is a place for business, readings, culture and discussion. Read more



Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Yukon Film Society

Wayne Gretzky once stated that Viacheslav Fetisov was the greatest defenseman he had ever played against. Fetisov (nicknamed Slava) was known to be the “Bobby Orr of Russia.” Winner of three Winter Olympics (2 Gold, 1 Silver), seven World... Read more

Photography - Film


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Lori Garrison

I started learning how to cook about 10 years ago, when, as a poor university student, I came to the stunning realization that good food is very expensive. One of the very first cook books I ever bought myself was a second hand copy of... Read more


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Robert Postma

Climate change in the North makes many changes to the growth of our plants, and confuses our animals with more wind, rain and fog. It also affects the river levels. They are constantly rising and dropping, resulting in fishnets needing to be taken... Read more

Old Crow

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Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: Kim Melton

Ah, arnica. Renowned for its power to soothe sore muscles, sprains and bruises, and a common gateway drug into the wonderful world of the do-it-yourself apothecary. Most often it is in the form of arnica oil, where the bright yellow flower heads... Read more

Wild Harvest


Issue: 2015-11-05 PHOTO: courtesy of Virginie Hamel

On Nov. 13 the Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) will present Onde de Choc at the Yukon Arts Centre. This multidisciplinary event features 18 artists and performers from the French-speaking community, followed by a catered art show featuring... Read more

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