Issue: 2016-05-19


Issue: 2016-05-19

"Perfect Sync"

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Dawson City Gold Show

PHOTO: Courtesy of Dawson City International Gold Show

There are three major changes that can be seen in the organization of the 30th edition of the Dawson City International Gold Show, which will fill up a section of 4th Avenue between May 20 and 21. Read more

, Dawson City

Copperbelt Railway

Photo:Copperbelt Railway

Get sweet discounts with tour operators and local businesses Kicking off May 20, a number of Yukon’s businesses and attractions will be offering special deals. The program is part of the Tourism Yukon’s “Explore Your Yukon” initiative and only runs Read more

, Yukon Lifestyle

Dark And Stormy

Miche Genest

Here’s a tip for you travelling cocktail lovers: not everyone shares your love. Your hosts may not have the stocked liquor cabinet and pantry shelves filled with syrups and bitters to which you have grown accustomed. You do not want to burden them Read more

, Beverages

After Hours Snacking

Selene Vakharia

Whatever we do to lead up to it, nighttime snacking is commonplace in many of our lives. While it may be delicious, a recent research report suggests what Oprah has been trying to tell us all along – it might just be a terrible idea. Read more

, Health and Wellness

Firefighters train at the Shipyards Park

PHOTOS: Maria Gruninger

Three months of intensive training is what Yukon firefighter have done to prepare themselves for the Scott FireFit Competition, the toughest two minutes in sport. The Pacific Regional Competition, which takes place May 28-29th in Vernon, Read more

, Yukon Active

The Haiku Canada society formed way back in 1977 and they are still going strong. The group celebrates the art with a conference, called Haiku Canada Weekend, with the event held in a different location each year. This month marks the first time the Read more

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Walking is still one of the most enjoyable and inexpensive ways to maintain a modicum of fitness. A favourite excuse is being too busy, but if you look at your schedule there are always some real time-wasters in it and that time can be used for Read more

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"Ravens Rich" Amber Church

Photo Nicole Bauberger

Two new exhibitions at Arts Underground take doodle-like lines to new levels. In Wearable Art, Qaqtis (pronounced like cactus) uses these kinds of lines in acrylic paint to make hoodies and sneakers unique. Her show is in the Focus Gallery, in the Read more

, Yukon Arts


The male blackpoll warbler is only about 5 and a half inches in size. These birds are known for their forage on insects: come the fall migration they will gorge themselves on insects to a point of doubling their normal weight. Come the cool winds Read more

, Yukon Hunting - Fishing


Photos: Gary Mussgnug

The lynx waits patiently by an animal trail at edge of the forest. A snowshoe hare emerges and the chase is on! Within a handful of leaps, each pushing their long hind legs and padded feet through the snow, the lynx is triumphant. She will be in Read more

, Yukon Wildlife

Many Worlds Of Words

PHOTO: Nicole Bauberger

In Whitehorse we rarely see a group show that’s international in scope. In Words – International Exhibition of Haiku and Handmade Paper, the concept tying the works together is simple: many objects in our lives amount to words on paper. This exhibit Read more

, Yukon Arts

Arts In The Park

Photo: Courtesy of Arts in the Park

Every weekday lunch hour, for 11 glorious weeks, the park fills with kids, office workers, seniors, moms, dads, twenty-somethings – all types of people – who come together to listen to music, check out some art and eat their lunch. It’s a free event Read more

, Yukon Music


Most writers would be delighted if something they wrote could survive 10 minutes after they shuffle off this mortal coil. Read more

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Birdwatching at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

PHOTO: Jim Hawkings

The birds are back! And so is the annual Yukon Birdathon – a 24-hour birding extravaganza and sweet fundraiser. Held the last weekend in May, the 2016 event starts at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 27 and ends at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 28. Read more

, Yukon Wildlife

This is Jonesy (dog) and Genevieve walking the trails behind our house on Long Lake Road. Jonesy came to us from Mayo at one year old and is the best dog! Read more

Yukon Dog Culture