Issue: 2019-11-20


Get Up and Dance

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An Alberta couple’s dream retirement trip through Yukon and Alaska this past summer turned into a community search and rescue mission. Cindy and Grant Reekie didn’t get past their first major destination point of Skagway before losing their dog Read more

Pawsitive Tails


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Kerri Scholz

Meet our dogs, they live for us, we live for them, the Yukon would not be the Yukon without Dog Culture. Send us photos of Yukon dogs and their people! Read more

Yukon Dog Culture


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Steve Wilson

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to Read more

Living With Wildlife


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Jennifer Hobbis

Hello Everybody, We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on to Read more

Yukon See It Here


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Tonehenge

In one sense, Jennifer Scott’s newest CD, due to be released sometime in the next few months, is a fitting tribute to the Vancouver singer/pianist’s own musical upbringing. Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Sydney Keddy

Think of long beans as a more robust green bean. They do really well cooked into stir-fries or stews and tend to be a bit starchy and woody when not cooked long enough. That makes them a great winter vegetable and a perfect addition to braised meals. Read more



Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Murray Martin

Let me take you back to the 1940s when Mom did not rely on buying her salads from the local grocery stores. These were the days you knew where the products came from and mostly it was Dad's garden. Read more



Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Pixabay

Never, in any previous column, have I considered the need to provide a trigger warning. Regular visitors to Geezerville are generally mature, clear-minded and emotionally stable enough to put up with whatever nonsense I spill into this 450-word frame Read more



Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Pixabay

Send in the … elephants. I can’t help it; as a little girl I disliked clowns. And I didn’t trust them. What child doesn’t love a clown? I think it had something to do with their makeup and that I really couldn’t “read” them. Read more



Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Pixabay

I was watching a World War Two documentary the other day and it showed an apartment building in France that had been damaged by German bombs early in the morning. The building was still intact, except that the entire front wall was missing. Read more



Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Christian Kuntz

Generally, when you decide to attend a dance performance, you can anticipate being treated to a single style of dance–ballet, highland, tap, contemporary, etc. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Myra Nicks

Grief was the surprise visitor Claire Strauss welcomed into her world when she first started making masks. Her first mask emerged out of a month-long art education intensive as she was finishing her undergrad in psychology. Read more

Yukon Arts


Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: courtesy of Murray Martin

There are many canoe paddles on the market today, made in many styles, of many materials. The key to buying one to fit you personally is appreciating the adventures you will be undertaking in your canoe. Read more

Yukon Outside

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Issue: 2019-11-20, PHOTO: Hugh Copland

Just about every country in the world has caves. Every province and territory in Canada, including the Yukon, has some. Caves have provided shelter to humans and animals. Culturally, they can represent dark pits of mystery or storeholds of treasure. Read more