Issue: 2005-03-25


Issue: 2005-03-25

March 25th, 2005

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OK, not specifically about beer. Rather about the significant contribution a brewery like the Yukon Brewing Company can make to promote the destination it was born in. Read more

Yukon Business

Passion, skill and dedication are the main qualities Coach Joe Martin looks for on his Whitehorse Mustangs Midget Rep hockey team. No players may personify these more than 17-year-old forwards Wyatt Drift and Spencer Tomlin. Read more

Haines Junction

The man in charge of food and beverages is expecting to entertain 400 to 500 curlers and guests at the 53rd Annual International Bonspiel that begins March 24. He wasn't in this position last year, but he has heard about the line ups at the bar. So, Read more

Yukon Active

Contrary to what some wise guys in Whitehorse believe, there are trees in Inuvik, NWT and its annual Top Of The World Ski Loppet will run through it April 9. "We are just at the edge of the treeline so we have little trees," says Rita Kors-Olthof, p Read more

Yukon Communities

It turns out Haru is a guy who normally lives in Tokyo where he directs segments for an independent television production company (or as near as I could glean from his explanation on the phone). Turns out I have a camera he likes to use. Turns out I Read more

Photography - Film

Residents of Inuvik love their muskrats so much, they named a jamboree after them. Muskrat Jamboree is a celebration of spring and one of its highlights is ... muskrat skinning. "They trim them from the hind legs and open them up," says Gerry Kisou Read more

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And the thaw continues. Its only mid-March, but the snow in Whitehorse is almost gone and the theme from the Twilight Zone goes through my head every morning as I splash through puddles on my way to work. Read more


Polyphony Digital had produced another winner with Gran Tourismo 4 on the PlayStation 2. Improving on its predecessors, GT4 offers an astounding 700-plus vehicles, 50-plus tracks and more races than any sane person would want to drive. With a racing Read more


In my last column I lamented the public's lack of interest in getting up on the open stages of Whitehorse and performing. This past week I attended a talent night hosted by the Association Franco-Yukonnaise that proved this whining premature. Read more

Yukon Music

He's a promoter and an agent and a business consultant and an office manager and an investment broker. "Bag Man," Mark Smith corrects that last one. "Really, I am just a Bag Man." Read more

Yukon Music

You all listened to gurgling rivers on those tropical islands and you marvelled at the beauty of salt-water fish ... so did I. And you probably had a back massage and read lots of books ... me, too. And, in the evening you enjoyed the night sky ... Read more


It has been brought to my attention that the term, "Mount Ernie" is derogatory. Let me go on the record to say I have used the term, liberally, as a term of endearment. You see, I like the hill at Shipyards Park. I generally like parks with hills. Read more


The fondue is one of the most social of meals. It requires the diner to wait between bites and, thus, has lots of opportunity to chat with others at the table. So it is no surprise that Wolf's Den Restaurant is owned and operated by a Swiss couple, Read more

Yukon Local Business

Now that the days are longer than the nights again (although sometime in January at –54 we thought that this might never happen this year) our thoughts at the brewery turn to Beer Season. We don't think of the seasons here like "winter" and "summer", Read more


Fishead Stew is back, another resurrection of the bluegrass/swing/folk/what-have-you band. Recently, at the Boiler Room, it was Birch Kuch on the clarinet leading with a Buddy Holly tune which fell into a klezmar roma lead with Amelia Slobogean send Read more

Yukon Music

It's that time of year again — when the sun shines longer, the snow seems fresher and Simapalooza is about to rock Mount Sima. Every spring, the Soulstice Music Society partners with the Great Northern Ski Society to bring you a fusion of music and Read more

Yukon Music

Question: What do you get when a pedal steel guitar player of many years puts his considerable musical abilities toward creating a CD? Answer: A sizzling, yet subtle group of 10 songs that has echoes of the many types of country music that have Read more

Yukon Music

Local models promenaded in a tea-room style fashion show in the banquet room of the hotel. The audience was enthusiastic with some audience members modelling. Read more

Yukon Arts & Entertainment

Another one caught: Ceramic artist Sam Dickie went to Dawson City as Artist in Residence with KIAC and created a show called Stand in the Odd Gallery last fall. And then — like so many others — she fell prey to the spell of the Yukon. She and her par Read more

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