Issue: 2008-02-22

As we take down the hand drums she's been using to accompany Peggy Hanifan at Whitewater Wednesday, Innish and I set up her keyboard so she can take centre stage, singing and playing a mix of jazz standards and country songs. Read more

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At the age of 30, Jerome Stueart met his mother for the first time. It's an unusual story, but not unique. So here's the twist: Stueart knew he was adopted but hadn't even been looking for his mother; she tracked him down. Read more


The tennis season in the Yukon is too short ... so it has moved indoors. To help get the word out, Tennis Yukon is holding the 40 Below Indoor Tennis Tournament at Yukon College March 1 and 2. Read more

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This may appear to blasphemous to some when you consider the name of the play—Bigger Than Jesus—and the "priest" will be gifted comedian and voice impersonator Rick Miller (the same guy who brought MacHomer here some years ago). Read more

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The Mennonites are known for their love of singing. And that is exactly why the West Coast Mennonite Quartet will be performing at the Yukon Arts Centre March 1. Read more

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Jennifer Scott has several loves -- wine tasting, reading, cycling – and one in particular that brings the Vancouver-based artist to Whitehorse for the first time: her love for Latin music. Scott is vocalist/pianist for the international jazz group, Read more

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Eavesdropping is never in vogue, unless, of course, you're a writer. Eavesdropping involves observing, listening and perhaps inhaling details, without being obnoxious. Read more


I'd like to be shot into space. Allow me to clarify: when I shuffle off my mortal coil, I'd like that coil to be shoved into whatever receptacle is handy and then I would like that container sent off into the cosmos. Likely some of you are... Read more


And, so, I see my neighbours driving off to church on Sunday mornings and I know they will be washed in great oratory that challenges them to be better people. They will sit shoulder-to-shoulder with people who face today's challenges.... Read more

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If you like a fingerpicking groove with lyrics that speak to real humanity, this is the music for you. I hear echoes of early James Taylor within them: at times, you may feel floaty and dreamlike. Read more

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Young artists from the Sundog carving program have turned from wood to snow. Until Feb. 23, you can see them carving six eight-foot square blocks of snow at Shipyards Park. They will not be carving alone ... Read more

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Issue: 2008-02-22

It would seem that winter is here in full force, bringing icy cold temperatures that chill you to the bone, unless you are prepared for the onslaught. Read more


For the sixth year, Northern film buffs will have the chance to "reconnect with the world and immerse themselves in great film". Andrew Connors, the director of the annual Available Light Film Festival, is satisfied he and his volunteers have found Read more

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