Issue: 2008-04-04

In perusing past entries on the Brookston Beer Bulletin blog site, (a terrific forum for learning about all things beer-related), we came across a rant authored by a site visitor with the clever pseudonym, "J". Read more

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Luminous ice-fogged sunshine haze sits upon the earth; mocks our avenues and days with signs of nature's mirth. Sunshine should bring warmer weather so we have been told; Read more

Dawson City

The muse is a mysterious woman, pursued then waited for, enticed then pleaded with; until she is loosed in our imagination. She is sometimes elusive and sometimes bold, declaring her presence. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Donald Ray Johnson is perhaps the coolest man to ever come to Whitehorse. His award-winning voice, steeped in the blues and dripping with the richness of experience, slides over the phone line: "Hey man, how you doin'?" Read more

Yukon Music

I remember the first time I climbed a tree ... and it is not because I got my knee caught and my father had to use the chainsaw to get me out ... and my mother took a home movie of it all. I remember it because it was the first time.... Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

For the past 40 years, the Rotary Music Festival has been as dependable and as anticipated as the advent of spring to the Yukon. Read more

Yukon Music

"Well I'm a hunk of burnin' love bolt of lightning coming back, sent straight from heaven in my Pink Cadillac". Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2009-02-12

April is the month of great change in the Yukon night sky. It is a time when the constellation of Orion is no longer high in the sky all evening and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, sets on the horizon early after dusk. As for what else is... Read more


Decreasing meat consumption (even just a little) and upping your vegetable intake can do wonders for the digestive tract. This vegetarian "Soup Pot" along with a fast-and-fragrant Corn Bread is a delicious meal that can be prepared quickly and by no Read more