Issue: 2008-05-02

She unscrewed the cap on her Coke and it "fff'ed" as air escaped. Inflight turbulence, she reckoned. The captain had warned them at takeoff. People were unusually silent; each, no doubt, finding their own way to relax. They had descended early ... Read more


Every spring, we all have certain things we fervently look forward to. It could be the continued sublimation of those stubborn piles of snow, the longer light in the evening sky or the exuberant sight of the croci poking out of the ground... Read more


It's Boys in the Hood and "Singin' in the Rain" combined with what Nicolette Little describes as a "Sinatra-y feeling." Little is an instructor for the Northern Lights School of Dance where she's teaching her students a fusion of jazz, hip hop ... Read more

Theatre - Dance

The conductor of the Whitehorse Community Choir was explaining the name of the spring concert, All Hands On Deck, and wanted to ensure audiences knew that this would be clean fun. Read more

Yukon Music

While scanning the winsome collection of posters and photographs submitted for the Heritage Places Poster and Photo Contest, it was apparent that our suspicions were correct in assuming Yukoners share our passion for the Yukon's heritage. Read more

Yukon History

It helps, too, that I really like April and I dislike May. April is spring; and spring is a spectator sport in the Yukon. Most days, you can see more lawn appear as the snow recedes. The roads become dry.... Read more


Rising just above the horizon, the moon appears larger than it actually is, much larger than when it's overhead (ask James Cackette). The colon is like that—Abracadabra!—appearing in a way that has a sometimes-magical affect. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Faro's Crane and Sheep Viewing Festival has attracted international attention before as it grows yet again in its fifth year, but this time the International Crane Foundation will help attract even more attention. Read more


Just the other day while I watching the store here at the Yukon Brewing Company, I had a customer look outside our windows while I was filling his growler and remark that maybe we have global warming wrong. Read more

, Beverages

The "art of good timing" is the age-old belief in lunar rhythms. In the old days, people would plan their daily life, from health and home, to nutrition to farming, forestry and gardening, around the positions and phases of the moon. The moon... Read more

Farm - Garden


Issue: 2008-12-04

The month of April is at a close and, as May begins, great changes are taking place high overhead in the amazing Yukon Night Skies. It is a time of discovery and exploration with an endless supply of cosmic jewels that can be easily seen with a... Read more


It's spring. For Cori Giacomazzi, that means busy. I had the chance to visit this Canadian garment artist in March at her home in Skagway. I had seen her work at the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson City. Read more

Yukon Arts

By this time of the year in old Klondike days, food supplies were running a bit low. However, in most cabins there was flour for bread baking and a few tins of fruit. In my perusal of food references ("grub") in the Yukon Archives, I find many... Read more