Issue: 2008-05-16

The pianist just turned 33 and the clarinetist will be 84 next week. And yet it is the older gentleman who has been described as "fearless". Read more

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I love science. From government-sponsored labs to guys in their basements trying to rig together a personal jet pack, I must send a shout out to the people who chose the scientific path in life. 'Cause really, there's no way I would be able to sit... Read more


Light is the main requirement for your seedlings once they have emerged from the soil whether they are flowers, vegetables or herbs. Having a sunny south bay window may not be enough intense light to prevent the seedlings from growing tall and... Read more

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Similes and metaphors infuse our language with richness and power. Read more

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A new initiative in the UK's Somerset County this summer will ensure that beer drinkers are not getting hosed at their favourite watering holes. Read more

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Issue: 2008-12-04

Is the Yukon the best place for amateur astronomers? And how can I experience and discover the vast night sky? Let's take these questions and sort them out for our distinguished visitors to the Conference of Science Writers... Read more


When it comes to organic gardening, many gardeners are not exactly sure of the definition Read more

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Hungry Hill creates original music in the classic bluegrass style. Bob Hamilton, Jenny Lester, Mark Thibeault and Nadine Landry are veterans of the last Hungry Hill album, Ride, with the addition of Ross Nickerson from Tucson on banjo. Nickerson is f Read more

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One of the final accomplishments in focus for Nakai Theatre is a barrage of local performance artists. Also affectionately known as the Homegrown Festival. "It's emerging artists, first-time artists and artists who are devoting their life...." Read more

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Morning is a great time for these muffins. Low in fat, high in flavour, calcium, complex carbohydrates and fibre, one of these with a glass of milk or piece of cheese will give you a good start to a busy day. Read more

"Just words?" It is a rhetorical question Senator Barack Obama asked of Senator Hillary Clinton when she criticized his "flowery" speeches. The point was made that such words as "I have a dream" and "all men are created equal" have tangible power t Read more

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The Storey of Raven and Rabbit was originally planned for New Zealand. Sandra Grace Storey, born and raised in Whitehorse, spent her childhood summers in a cabin on Tagish Lake. At 18 she moved to Calgary for art school. Then she sailed to New Zeala Read more

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