Issue: 2008-06-13

Oh yeah … I almost forgot … The semicolon also doubles as a wink—;—not to be used in What’s Up Yukon. Read more

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Two weeks: that's all Hank Karr came for, and that's when his love affair with the Yukon began. But, as a clock chimes (his wife, Pam, likes clocks), the Saskatchewan-born singer/songwriter rewinds just a bit, to an earlier time — to his musical jour Read more

Yukon Music

I'm finally getting some good sleep these days. Recently, I was stage-managing the incredible Varietease show at the Guild: a cavalcade of comedy, song and, indeed, titillation. This basically amounted to many long evenings that blended into each... Read more


A specific mood is always evident in Kirsty Wells' paintings. Wells, 18, usually paints upbeat, happy images with lots of bright, vibrant colours and drastic contrasts. Read more

Yukon Arts

5 Mile Lake in Mayo doesn't have a campground playground. Not right in the campground, mind you, but there is one down the short lake at the day use area. Playgrounds at the campsite have become much more important in this third evolution of camping Read more


George Arcand is known to many Yukoners around the ball diamond as the guy always on the go whether it is flipping burgers, cutting grass in the outfield or coaching a rep team. Read more

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Lyall Murdoch sits on a chair next to the mirror and make-up table wearing a Frantic Follies T-shirt. The bare bulbs in front of the mirror light him up from the back ... He and his brother began the Frantic Follies 39 years ago.... Read more

Yukon Arts

What I enjoy about Ivan Coyote's stories is their unwrapped honesty. The book says these are fictional stories, but they seem so much like memoir that you might feel truth hovering around the floor of every story. Read more


With warmer weather, your greenhouse could be growing more than just your vegetable plants. Insects thrive in the warm humid environment and it usually takes a few weeks before it is noticeable to the average gardener. Read more

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The Birchwood Gallery in Yellowknife shows top-notch artists from all over Canada. It also shows the work of local high school students. Yellowknife contrasts Whitehorse in interesting ways ... Read more

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That bright and beautiful time of year is finally here: the lupines are in the woods and the eagles are proudly flying overhead. So, too, our northern rhubarb is making its presence known. Use it in this lemon tart or as a spread on morning toast... Read more

Motorcycle riders are often solitary sorts. We like the time we spend with ourselves on the road. It is a sort of meditation: no radio, no chit-chat with a passenger, no getting bored like you do driving a car. That doesn't mean we are all anti-soc Read more

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