Issue: 2008-06-27

There's a new baby on the farm. Well, I am far too excited to write anything serious today. We have a brand new addition to the farm. A beautiful buckskin colt who we are currently calling Casper. I'm not positive if that name will stick yet or not Read more

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Here's a taste of how Yukon communities, from B to W, will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1: Read more

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There's a new folksinger passing through the Yukon ... and he's prepared. He may never have been North before, but Cort Delano's "got my tin pan and gunny sack." Read more

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At this point in the season, maintenance is the goal for keeping your greenhouse productive now and in the coming month. Despite the snow at the beginning of June, the plants in your greenhouse should be growing rapidly. I would recommend keeping... Read more

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Simonne Chalifoux is well on her way to becoming an expert on the single scene in Whitehorse. As the founder/organizer/host/everything else of the Whitehorse Singles Group, she has seen what works, what doesn't work, the failures and.... Read more

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On hillsides around us the trees are all blooming; While yards are responding Read more


How would you like to start a business with 50,000 of your closest friends, pals, friends of friends, acquaintances and complete strangers? Read more

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Happy Birthday, Canada! You have come into your own these past 141 years, warmly regarded as a place of strong values, freedom and a sense of community taking care of community. Read more

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Here is another make-ahead salad to add to your summer repertoire. This recipe is a great one for adding colour, fibre and flavour to your Yukon picnics. Make ahead since it will, like us, improve with age. Read more

Riding has a tendency to push your personal limits. Whether it is the distance you cover in a day ... or your speed ... or the cold weather ... or how bad a road you can navigate successfully. The problem is I seem to get a lot of help from my compa Read more

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