Issue: 2008-07-28

On July 18, while Yukoners were probably enjoying Dustball and the Dawson City Music Festival, there was one other thing to celebrate: International Brewers Day. Read more

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Ray Mazurak was studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver when the idea of owning and operating his own portable food stand first began to percolate in his head. The 28-year-old saw a little burrito stand on Commercial Drive and... Read more

Yukon Local Business

​When I was eight years old, I attended the Carcross Community School. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Carcross School. Meeting the other students and taking the First Nation cultural classes are some of my best memories. Read more


We have found a new printer: Webco Leduc. It is a company that has come highly recommended and its people have bent over backwards to convince us they will do a good job for you, the readers. Read more

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That special Yukon summer time is here. Go out and pick some fresh wild raspberries to combine with ripe, red plums in this delicious summer dessert. Yukon river banks and the sides of old railroad tracks and ditches usually yield a motherlode of... Read more

Perspective, use it or lose it. I pulled that one from my dog-eared copy of Illusions, by Richard Bach. It's a fun read that takes a little more time expounding on the feathery philosophies he was discussing in his more famous work, Jonathan... Read more


Did you just say, "storysmithing"? "Yeah," says Aaron Janke, his arms still stretched out in the telling of his upcoming introactive theatre project. Read more

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Canada Day means you can see Canadian citzenship happening in front of you. Outside the Shipyards Park pavilion, bordered by black speakers and rows of concert lights, 24 immigrants, representing eight countries, sit in three rows facing the stage. Read more

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Issue: 2010-11-04

"There are strange things done in the land of the midnight sun..." -Robert Service Truer words may have never been written by that famous Bard of the North. There were plenty of strange things done back in the days of the Gold Rush and there are p Read more