Issue: 2008-08-19

With binge drinking and bar violence on the rise, the Province of Alberta has made some policy changes that it is hoping will curb public drunkenness. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has amended policy that will no longer allow for... Read more

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So, I woke up yesterday morning feeling toasty. I didn't realize that feeling would be replaced by the "I'm a popsicle" feeling. Who knew? Not me. One look outside and I figured it was beautiful out, but what did I know anyway? I guess I knew better Read more

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The last two times Eliana Cuevas visited the Yukon, audiences were huge. She liked the big rooms of the Yukon Storytelling Festival in 2003 and the Yukon Arts Centre in 2006 because she feels the energy from the audience. Read more

Yukon Music

One sunny August afternoon, I walked into our "Tomato" greenhouse only to find my husband, Frank, yielding a machete (OK, a large knife) chopping off the tops of all the tomato plants. Positive that the heat finally got to him and he's gone... Read more

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Standing in front of the large crowd of Yukoners that had gathered earlier this month at Sport Yukon for an Olympic pep rally, Greig Bell made no effort to contain his excitement. Read more

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(by the Globe and Mail's Gary Mason) A couple of years ago, I flew to Whitehorse for the opening of the Canada Winter Games. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in town and, as a columnist with The Globe and Mail, I was sent to chronicle his time.... Read more

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On Aug. 22, three shows will be opening at Arts Underground: the Arts in the Park Season Exhibition, a historical show of Yukon erotica and a solo show in the main gallery. The soloist is Teslin painter Jean Taylor ... Read more

Yukon Arts

The Yukon is the poster child for CARFAC "for good reason," says [Mario] Villeneuve. We have the highest per capita investment in the arts by government in Canada. CARFAC may be 40 years old this year, but CARFAC's presence in the territory ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Succulent salmon is a new gold in Yukon rivers and streams. If ever you cook, bake or BBQ a fillet and are fortunate enough to have some left over, this quiche is the way to enjoy it a second time around. Alternately, you can use smoked salmon or... Read more

As you walk in the centre, a welcoming glow seems to fill the exhibit spaces and gift shop area and even a quick tour around will give you a glimpse into the lives of the people who call the area home. Read more

Dawson City

I have met some of the most interesting women I know, riding. They are independent, smart and not about to be left behind in the dust. Just the fact that they are on their own bike usually is a message. Read more

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