Issue: 2008-10-16

We feel the need to make a few comments on the $700 billion subsidy that has been the big financial news in the US last month. We have a real hard time trying to get our heads around that number, 700 billion. It sure seems like a lot of zeros. Read more

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Andrew Vickers, lead male dancer of The Magic of Ireland, is a student of the dance and he sees much more: "It is the girls and their light dancing; it is almost like a ballet, very graceful and very flowing. Read more

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"We have 'National' in front of our name," says Douglas Burden over the phone, explaining why the National Arts Centre Orchestra would pick its entire self up in Ottawa and travel to the Yukon. Read more

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I am loving this controversy over arts funding cuts because it is one of the few times that smart, eloquent, passionate people stand up and declare their love for art and what art does for us as a society. Read more

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Crystal Cruises

Sharing wines is a wonderful experience. Coming on Oct. 23, here in Whitehorse, is an opportunity to gather with friends, try many new wines and make a contribution to the local community ... all at the same time. The Rendezvous Rotary Club is... Read more


Talk to Yukon Squash Pro Marie Desmarais and you quickly get the sense that a perfect world for her would be one that has every Yukoner playing squash. Read more

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Crystal Pite knows that audiences will watch her contemporary dance company, Kidd Pivot, with trepidation. Read more

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Everyone knows about Squeak & Squawk. It is the night that first-year band students from F.H. Collins and Porter Creek Secondary Schools and Jack Hulland and from Whitehorse Elementary Schools receive their chosen instruments.... Read more

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Bruce Horak no longer needs the catharsis that his play, This is Cancer?, has been for him. But other people do and, so, he will continue accepting invitations to travel with the play he wrote and stars in. Read more

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This 14-track CD is an hour plus of beat barrage that will release your booty to thrash and flail, should you feel the urge to surge. Read more

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Colin Heath was chatting online with Eric Epstein, the artistic director of The Guild. They were playing Scrabulous at the time because they both love words. So, when Epstein typed in the invitation to Heath to come to Whitehorse to direct ... Read more

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Nadine McInnis was so taken by photographs of Surrey County Lunatic Asylum inmates that she reconstructed the subjects' otherwise unknown stories in her poems and found herself exploring her own experience of clinical depression in the process. Read more


Le secteur culturel de l'Association franco-yukonnaise is bringing north some of the greatest cinematographic creations of the year in the world of francophone film, Canadian and foreign. From Oct. 16 to 19, the Francophone Film Festival is coming t Read more

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