Issue: 2008-11-13

We are often browsing around for new beer styles that we can make. With our growler system, we are able to try new beers without the problems of designing new packages. Read more

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Gordie Tentrees has come a long way from his first Whitewater Wednesday Night Jam performance at The Backwater Lounge, now Flipper's Pub. He's released two albums, has toured most of North America and, starting in early November, has launched his fir Read more

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For writers considering whether to use the active or passive voice in What's Up Yukon, remember that we are, as a rule, a generous, giving bunch and that it is truly better to give than to receive. Read more

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You see, Roman Danylo is one of those comics who gets the audience involved. If you sit too close to the front, you may end up in a slow-motion shoot out with him. Or you may have to die in his arms for great, improvised, comedic effect. Read more

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Issue: 2008-12-04

Welcome to the Yukon Winter Night Sky and all the cosmic treasures that are just waiting for you to discover and photograph them. The weather has been unstable, with storm fronts continually moving in, bringing lots of clouds and very uncertain... Read more


Back in 1991, I was volunteered to play Santa Claus at Northern Stores' "Christmas in July Sale." I think it had something to do with the fact that it was my idea to help turn all of that left over Christmas merchandise into cash to bump up ... Read more

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Naturally, I miss the Yukon. Though, to be specific, it certainly wouldn't be the weather (heh ... sorry), but far more importantly, the people. The territory not only has a high concentration of Chinese food restaurants and hairdressers, but... Read more


It's night. A man walks his black lab in the forest — and when the dog runs in between the pines, he's almost invisible. The only sound is the man's footsteps on the snow, the rustle of his jacket, his dog's breathing. Read more

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Working the Rotary Wine and Fine Food Festival last month, I was reminded all over again why I love the world of wine. There were new wines to discover and old familiar ones that I hadn't seen in a while. And the same was true for the people I met... Read more


"On top of everything else, you are a photographer, too?" Didier Delahaye has a bemused look that I don't quite understand. As the marketing director of the Yukon Arts Centre, I knew he was handy at graphic design as he creates.... Read more

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