Issue: 2008-11-20

November is my favourite month of the wine year. While it is the month where we have to acknowledge, especially in the Yukon, that we are plunging irretrievably into the depths of darkness and winter, at the same time there is a day that for me is... Read more


Did you know that new drivers in the Yukon need 50 hours of instruction before they can take their road test? I didn't know that. All I needed to get my driver's license, back in the day, was a Learner's Permit, a working vehicle and high hopes. Read more

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Om and his extended family say they came down to Whitehorse from the Tok, Alaska area when the ice sheets started receding. "It was kind of pretty when the grass and trees came. Of course, we're following the mammoths. Isn't everybody?" Read more

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One of the things that a business in your community can do that companies Outside cannot is treat you like you -- as an individual -- matter. Read more

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Issue: 2009-02-12

Astronomy and a love for the night sky travels with a person no matter where you go or what you do. In our younger years of life, we have all the time and energy to explore the great cosmos. As a young adult, the real world of responsibilities... Read more


Where is Whitehorse? Why are you going there? What's it like? Three great questions and at first I struggled to answer any of them. So when Ed, a friend and former colleague asked me the big three, I thought I might veer from the truth. Where? Read more

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