Issue: 2008-11-27

There are few more dangerous waters for the Buzz to float down than mixing beer and religion. And yet, being the brave souls that we are, go there we must. Read more

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The best wine experiences that I have enjoyed have been dinners with friends, often under unexpected circumstances. There was a night in the mortuary of the English Cemetery in the middle of a traffic circle in Florence, Italy, where I drank wonderf Read more


November 4th, the world breathed a sigh of relief. No longer will we have to awkwardly avoid the United States in the UN cafeteria, picking up our trays and wandering over to the back of the room to sit with Botswana. We can hopefully go back to... Read more


From the gritty, primal rhythms to the lingering, sweet slide of steel guitar; and from the soulful roots of jazz to the vintage romance of classical guitar – and so much more – the music of Fathers & Sons takes you ... Read more

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Tory Russell makes no attempt to sugar coat the fact these films are "super-heavy" as we chat about the upcoming Amnesty International Film Festival that runs during the final weekend of November at The Old Fire Hall. Read more

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I'd been in the Yukon for less than a week when I was dragged on a trek into Kluane National Park. Old hiking hands, Denis and Marshall, were worryingly keen to test my mettle. It was early May and we were going to hike Slims River to Observation Mou Read more

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