Issue: 2008-12-04

"What if I cannot play my guitar?" Nicole Edwards has asked herself that. In a voice as gentle as her eyes and the movements of her hands, she explains: "In my life, one of my challenges is health issues. Read more

Yukon Music

Last weekend, I dined with the venerable Irish anaesthetist, Dr. Marnus F. O'Hoolahan, at his house in Squatter's Row. It was the first time I had met him and he was in fine spirits; sitting at the head of the table like a sage, his silver hair was s Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

Entering the theatre at the Guild Hall to watch Varietease: The Remount, the audience decides immediately, "Yup, this is a naughty place." We know from the smoky air and the deep red curtain and the dimly lit seating area. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Sometimes, finding that special gift for someone who is a wine lover seems like a daunting challenge, so I'd like to devote this article to some suggestions for Christmas gift ideas. First of all, though it's a nice thought, don't feel obliged to... Read more


"How'd you get here? Why'd you stay?" Ubiquitous phrases heard in the Yukon indeed. With the sheer number of transients coming through the territory, it's a natural inclination to pose these questions to the ever-increasing population of the North. Read more


A 75-year-old flees from his home and now lives in a refugee camp. Children disappear, some as young as seven years old, and are later dropped off after being mistreated or even tortured into making some confession that vilifies their family. Read more

Making A Difference!

Ben Mueller is the character in Timber Rabbits – A Northern Mystery of Men, Madness, Murder, and Mutilation.... Of course Mueller, played by George Maratos, doesn't help himself out much and therein lies much of the comedy and drama.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

The year was 1798 and the place was Helgoland. Helgoland is located in the North Sea, 70 kilometres off of the coast of Germany. This is important, since it is the remote location that made Helgoland, in 1798, the birthplace of the beer bottle organ Read more

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Issue: 2008-12-04

If you were taking note of the High Lights in the last issue (and this one), you would have discovered that December is chock full of planetary action. The month started off with a very rare event: on December 1st, Venus, Jupiter and the Crescent... Read more


Roasting the vegetables makes difficult-to-peel squash easier to work with. As well, along with fresh garlic, roasting sweetens and intensifies the flavour of root vegetables. This is an easy-to-prepare soup which pairs nicely with a hearty bread... Read more