Issue: 2008-12-11

Use the first sentence or two of each paragraph to point the reader in the right direction. It should draw the leader into the paragraph. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

There's a new gallery in town ... but only for a little while. Five artists will display their artwork in Philippe's Bicycle Repair during the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Read more

Yukon Arts

Rodger Thorlakson cuts a unique figure amongst the early Christmas-season shoppers. He wears a hat that would look affected on a lot of people but, on him and Indiana Jones, it looks perfectly in place. His belt buckle is the shape of The United... Read more

Yukon People

In case you have been living in a vacuum over the past few weeks, apparently these are hard times. Funny how things seemed to turn around so fast ... or maybe not so funny, depending on your perspective. Read more

, Beverages

The first Yukoner I ever met was Rodger Thorlakson. It was 19 years ago and I was two days "Inside". Sure, I met other people in that time, but between the hotel room and work it wasn't a lot. Those I formed relationships with were just like me: re Read more

Yukon People

George McConkey has a new album out that displays his song writing ability and features some great classic tunes. Read more

Yukon Music


Issue: 2008-12-04

With the middle of winter upon us, the Yukon Night Sky is alive with amazing sights for the cosmic tourist. Dark skies and stable air makes for excellent opportunities to explore and discover this vast universe around us. Read more


Take a can of salmon ... it is amazing what one can do with it. With fresh salmon so pricey and fish so healthy to include in the weekly menu, one must be creative. Read more

Here's a new game for the territory's impending dinner party season. Next time you trudge over to the neighbours -- gluten-free pasta salad in tow -- have a look at your host's CD rack. Or, if they've advanced into more modern areas, skim their... Read more